Here are some of the feature articles I HEART EDMONTON has posted since the very beginning:
- Edmonton vs. Calgary: The Battle of Alberta (February 2018)
- 50 Ways to Improve Downtown Edmonton (February 2018)
50 Ways to Improve Downtown Edmonton!

- Edmonton Makes the List...Again & Again! (January 2018)
- 50 Best "Scary" Movies of the 21st Century (October 2017)
- Cool to Be Canadian (July 2017)
- The Lure of K-Days! (July 2016)
- The Evolution of Edmonton (July 2016) 

The Evolution of Edmonton!

-The Definitive Edmonton Playlist (May 2016)
-Reimagining Rossdale (April 2016)
-The 30 Day #buyYEG Challenge: The Progress (March 2016)
-The 30 Day #buyYEG Challenge (February 2016)
-My Name Is Edmonton... (January 2016)

The 30 Day #buyYEG Challenge!

-WINGS of Providence: Erin's Story (December 2015)
-A Place for Dynan (November 2015)
-#WhYEG (September 2015)
-Around the World with a Cause (August 2015)
-21 Reasons Why West Ed Is Perfect for Your Next Staycation (August 2015)


-The 'Big E' Represents Downtown Edmonton's Revitalization (August 2015)
 -The Rainbow Bus Brigade (July 2015)
-The ABC's of Why You Should Move to Edmonton (July 2015)
-The Trial of Delwin Vriend (June 2015)
-I Heart Is Named 'Best in Edmonton'! (May 2015)

The Rainbow Bus Brigade

-The Evolution of 104th Avenue (April 2015)
-El Cortez - the coolest bar in Edmonton? Umm, yes! (March 2015)
-The NEW I Heart Edmonton (January 2015)
-I Heart Turns Five! (July 2014)
-Being Gay in Edmonton (November 2013)

'Being Gay in Edmonton'

-Edmonton 2.0 (November 2013)
-Edmonton Gets Its Read On! (February 2012)
-Edmonton's Biggest Challenge (January 2012)
-Edmonton Fringe Theatre Festival, 2011 (August 2011)
-Suit Yourself Clothing Swap & Silent Auction (May 2011)

'Edmonton 2.0'

-Local Film Shows Up At Sundance (February 2011)
-And the Nominees Are... (February 2011)
-Edmonton's 'Top 40 Under 40,' 2010 (November 2010)
-Downtown Survey Suggests Potential (August 2010)
-52 Reasons to Love Edmonton (August 2010)

-Why Fly Without Wi-Fi? (July 2010) 
-Mega-shitty! (July 2010) 
-R.I.P. Eddie Carroll (1933-2010) (April 2010)
-We Were On a Break! (March 2010) 

-No More Grassholes! (March 2010) 
-Remember Edmontonopoly?! (January 2010) 
-New Year's Resolutions 2010 (January 2010) 
-The House That Maisie Built! (December 2009) 
-The Unknown Studio (November 2009) 

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