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Edmonton Fringe Theatre Festival, 2011

The groundbreaking E-town Fringe Fest turns 30, and invites all y'all to come celebrate with the world's most outskirted stage junkies... BY EMIL TIEDEMANN The 30th annual Edmonton Fringe Theatre Festival will take over Old Strathcona from August 11th to the 21st! I REMEMBER when I turned 30. It wasn't anything I had exactly been looking forward to, or would even consider celebrating. Kind've a shitty mess, really. But I'm over it now...ish. So, I know exactly how the 2011 Edmonton Fringe Theatre Festival feels, as it approaches the big 3-0. But the mood'll be somewhat--or drastically--less sombre than that of my self-depricating pity party...and this I'm actually looking forward to! From Thursday, August 11th until Sunday the 21st , the 30th annual Edmonton Fringe will take over Old Strathcona , hosting more than 1,200 local, national, and international performances during the 11-day world-renowned celebration. When you think about it,