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I♥Art/ Justina Smith

"The Right Track (Edmonton High Level Bridge Trolley)" BY EMIL TIEDEMANN W E'RE gonna try something new @ I Heart Edmonton , because it seems there's a shortfall when it comes to promoting one particular art scene. There's a ridiculous abundance of talented (& under appreciated) local artists whose craft starts at the tip of a paintbrush (etc.), and perhaps takes a backseat to area exhibits of music, theatre, and film. Local artist Justina Smith So, I recently asked Justina Smith   (pictured left), who we had previously profiled almost a year ago, if she'd be willing to let us spotlight her mixed media piece " The Right Track " (pictured below) to kick off "I ♥ Art." "This painting was inspired by a walk I took in the river valley last fall," Smith told I Heart . "I was just looking for interesting shots of things to paint. I like painting old buildings and vintage vehicles, and thought having a painting of t

A Few Minutes With...Garner Andrews

Want to know why Edmonton's most beloved radio personality scours Craigslist, owes the Hives an apology, and fantasizes about tackling our nation's narcissism epidemic? Then keep reading.  BY EMIL TIEDEMANN " I LOVE my life right now," boasts Garner Andrews , the man behind that voice you hear on your all-too-familiar morning commute, saluting substandard service and asking you to refrain from using debit cards in Tim Horton's drive-thru's. That is, of course, if your dial is tuned to 102.9 FM (and it's The Garner Andrews Show ). And why wouldn't it be?! And why wouldn't Garner love his life? The self-proclaimed "white, chubby, balding male Oprah " married his high school sweetheart, is the proud father of two little girls, and is one of our city's most sought-after media personalities. And apparently, he can play a mean banjo to boot?! Actually, Garner's local adoration became clear-cut when, in 2006, he was voted "#

Music Clip of the Month/ 1-11

Old Wives' "Teen Commandements" (2010) BY EMIL TIEDEMANN L AST February (as in 2010), Liam Harvey (lead vocals), Ryan Dix (bass), T.S. (guitar) and The DRRN (drums)--collectively known as pop-punk players Old Wives --were featured as the Band of the Month on local radio station Sonic 102.9 . That's how many Edmontonians, this guy included, first heard of these "three dudes from Edmonton and one random from Halifax that play awesome pop punk together." Formed in about '07, these mostly homeschooled brothers with a pastor father have been playing in bands for the last decade or so. In August '09 they travelled to the States to do their first shows there, and to record an album ( See You In Hell ) at the same studio where Rise Against and Alkaline Trio have set down tracks. The video clip below featured Old Wives performing the album's track "Teen Commandments" at the Vue Weekly Studio last April. The band will play Edmo

Edmonton Festival Scene Welcomes New Kid on the Block

Our privileged city, world famous for its festival line-up, is getting ready to premiere a new comedy fest this fall BY EMIL TIEDEMANN E DMONTON is no stranger to virgin festivals trying to get their piece of our city's viral festival community, one that remains active all year long. Every year it seems new events are popping up to celebrate and promote some art form, whether it be music, film, theatre, literary work, or even ice sculpting. Edmonton Comedy Festival organizer Andrew Grose But there's always been something lacking on the local festival scene (despite the little-known Improvaganza Fest in June), a theme familiar in world class events around the world, yet practically foreign to our own. That is, until now. Homegrown(ish) comics will take center stage at what has been christened the inaugural ATB Financial Edmonton Comedy Festival , set to make us actually lol from October 19-22, at various locations in the downtown, including the Stanley A. Milner Li

@ the Movies/ Black Swan

Aronofsky explores the cruel realisms of that thirst for perfection in this dark thriller, a pinnacle role for its layered star Natalie Portman BY EMIL TIEDEMANN I T'S that mounting pressure to eclipse all rivalry and maintain that seemingly implausible stature in one's craft that breeds a compulsive, exhaustive hunger; one that can gradually take over. It was that particular hunger that steadily eroded ballet dancer Nina Sayers (played deftly by Natalie Portman ) in Darren Aronofsky 's arcane psychological thriller Black Swan . It is a part that very much validated Portman's positioning atop Hollywood's leading lady elite, much like how Aronofsky's The Wrestler blazed Mickey Rourke 's comeback in '08. Black Swan was nominated for a record 12 Critics Choice Awards Actually, it's Portman's encompassing role that seizes most of the glory here, conjuring up steady awards buzz for this new year. In Black Swan she demonstrates the persist