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"The Right Track (Edmonton High Level Bridge Trolley)"


WE'RE gonna try something new @ I Heart Edmonton, because it seems there's a shortfall when it comes to promoting one particular art scene. There's a ridiculous abundance of talented (& under appreciated) local artists whose craft starts at the tip of a paintbrush (etc.), and perhaps takes a backseat to area exhibits of music, theatre, and film.

Local artist Justina Smith
So, I recently asked Justina Smith (pictured left), who we had previously profiled almost a year ago, if she'd be willing to let us spotlight her mixed media piece "The Right Track" (pictured below) to kick off "I ♥ Art."

"This painting was inspired by a walk I took in the river valley last fall," Smith told I Heart. "I was just looking for interesting shots of things to paint. I like painting old buildings and vintage vehicles, and thought having a painting of the trolley car in a show housed in an old garage-turned-stellar eatery would be the perfect place to showcase a painting like this."

That stellar eatery Smith is referring to is the Sugarbowl on 109th & 77th ave., where it will soon be on display--along with some of Smith's other pieces--as part of their "In & Out of Town" series showcase.

"Plus, it's a little piece of Edmonton history, and who knows how long it will be around," Smith continued, alluding to that aforementioned trolley.

"['The Right Track' is] a mixed media piece, so that means I'm using acrylic ink, bits of patterned paper, gel, paints, and various pages from a 1918 edition of Rod & Gun. I like the texture the words create when they poke out from underneath the paint and ink. Sometimes the articles used for a painting are chosen at random, but this time I managed to find articles that had to do with trains and their schedules, and thought it would be particularly fitting for this piece.

"Mixed media typically takes me longer to complete than just a painting," Smith continued, "and this has to do with waiting for the various layers to dry before I continue onto the next step."

'The Right Track (Edmonton High Level Bridge Trolley)'

"The Right Track" will be on display at the Sugarbowl for the whole month of February. If you want to purchase it ($900), then check it out in person or contact Justina at justina@justlittleart.com.

Thanks, Justina.



  1. Now, that's a great pic of Justina!

    Mark my words ... this painting will be sold within a day. Really now, how could it *not* be?

    Captain Ron in the Maycroft Valley


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