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Some of the latest happenings in Edmonton (Transcend II, Wonderland V, Dragon's Den VI)...


Last Monday (March 7) Transcend Coffee opened its newest location, in downtown Edmonton (10349-Jasper Avenue), in the former Axis Cafe building. In addition to their popular coffee, the locally-based brewers will offer a small selection of beer and wine, as well as South American street food prepared in-house by Red Seal chef Chad Moss. The 3-floor outlet will also consider taking advantage of its spacious basement, perhaps a potential venue for live music? The other two Transcend locations are at Garneau (8708-109 St.) and the original Argyll (9869-62 Ave.). Jasper's locale will open its doors each morning at 7:30.

Free beer! There, now I have your attention. 46 liters of home-brewed ale will be served to those who pay the 10 bucks to take in Old Ugly Recordings' CD release party for local acts DoT and Layne L'Heureux. The 3-hour shindig will celebrate the brand n…