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Music Clip of the Month/ 11-10

Tupelo Honey's "Not Alone" (2008) O KAY, technically, Tupelo Honey hails from that town next door, St. Albert , but we're gonna go ahead and take credit for them. That goes for Mark Messier and Jarome Iginla , too. The band, christened after a popular Van Morrison song, was formed while the members were enrolled in Grant MacEwan 's music program. They had each performed in other bands prior to starting Tupelo Honey, in February 2003. From there the band--made up of vocalist Matt Landry , drummer Greg Williamson , bassist Steve Vincent , and guitarists Dan Davidson and Tyler Dianocky --issued a self-titled EP (2006) and played their first live show, at Stage 13 in Camrose. They've since opened for the likes of Bon Jovi , Three Days Grace , Billy Talent , Sam Roberts , Default , and Theory of a Deadman , and released a couple more EPs on Fontana Records. Their last effort, '08's Machines & Robots , featured national hits in "Morphine" an

Make It! Edmonton, 2010

For anyone looking for an alternative to the mall scene, Make It the city's "hippest" craft show, this weekend at the Aviation Museum What: Urban craft show/ live music When: Thur., Nov. 25 (4-9PM)/ Fri., Nov. 26 (Noon-9PM)/ Sat., Nov. 27 (10AM-5PM)/ Sun., Nov. 28 (11AM-5PM) Where: Alberta Aviation Museum hangar (11410-Kingsway Avenue) I T'S that time of year again, when the malls fill up with eager and frantic Christmas shoppers, scrambling to check off each name on their gift lists. Many, such as myself, have no idea what to get, probing the countless shops of the local mall to find something other than what the recipients might come to expect. Who wants to spend a weekend at West Ed a month before the big day?! Well, you don't have to! That's because Jenna & Chandler Herbut are returning to Edmonton for the fifth annual ' Make It! The Handmade Revolution ,' which will take over the Alberta Aviation Museum hangar from Thursday (Nov. 25) to

@ the Movies/ Unstoppable

Tony Scott borrows from a so-so true story for a worthier film set--mostly--on a set of train tracks BY EMIL TIEDEMANN I ADMIT, I formed my opinion of Tony Scott 's Unstoppable before the trailer even ended, writing it off as another not-bad-but-forgettable Scott effort. His fifth with Denzel Washington . Calm down, Scott fans, opinions are like assholes.... Anyways, I know when I'm wrong and I'm not afraid to confess such. Unstoppable , which had a budget of about $100 million (!), wasn't a flawless spectacle by any stretch of the imagination, but it exceeded any expectations I had of a Scott film. Of a Washington film, for that matter. Two-time Oscar winner Washington plays train engineer and single father of two Hooters waitresses Frank Barnes in Unstoppable , itself inspired by true events. In 2001 Ohio was put on alert when an unmanned train, full of toxic materials, barreling down the tracks at 47 mph, until it was finally brought to a stop by trainmaster Jon Ho

A Few Minutes With...Daryl Bonar

It's been nearly a month since his 3rd-place finish during the election, but mayoral candidate Daryl Bonar has no plans on giving up on his political future. BY EMIL TIEDEMANN " I ACTUALLY, genuinely thought I could win," Daryl Bonar said after coming in third during the recent election that had the 32-year-old real estate investor running for Edmonton's Mayor. "I was under no illusions. I knew I was a long shot, but I was in it to win it." Insistent on not fading into the murkiness that rarely eludes electorals after their exhaustive campaigns, Bonar has not exactly thrown in the towel when it comes to his political hopes. But rather than running for the Mayor's job next time, Bonar is considering a seat in City Council three years from now. Bonar, a former mixed martial arts fighter and Canadian Forces communications officer, has also been encouraged to run for both provincial and federal parties. And why not? Entering a race as a "young &