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'I Heart Edmonton,' 2009-2012...

After three years and endless memories and experiences, it's time that we say our goodbyes... BY EMIL TIEDEMANN 'I Heart Edmonton'! O VER the past three years I asked myself on several occasions if it was time to end this blog. Each time, I was unsure, worried that I was making the wrong decision. Well, as ' I Heart Edmonton ' celebrated its three-year anniversary last week, that looming question came up once again. And yes, I again struggled somewhat with it, but deep down I knew the answer this time. Yes. It felt like I was giving up on a good friend, saying goodbye to something that's been a big part of my life for three years now. But, at the same time, I felt relief. Because it meant that I can now focus my time on other passions of mine, such as photography, or travelling, or even writing a book some day. Besides, it felt as though ' I Heart ' had run its course, that it was time to move on to something else. I'll always be glad t

'I Heart' Turns III

My, my, how time flies's been three awesome years since we took over the world wide web, and so it only makes sense to take a few minutes to say: THANK YOU! BY EMIL TIEDEMANN R EMEMBER when you turned the big 0-3?! I don't either, but I'm gonna go ahead and imagine that there was cake and lots of juice, of both grape and apple, and gifts made from colourful plastics, and an ensemble of big people I could care less about. Sound about right? 'I Heart Edmonton'...est. 2009. Well, ' I Heart Edmonton ' has just reached year trois , somewhat of a milestone in the blogosphere (& in the world of celebrity marriages, I might add!). This humble celebration certainly doesn't call for any gifts (but I like shiny things and cold hard cash if you insist!) or even cake, and unlike when I was three, 'I♥' actually cares about all the company...that's YOU guys! And it's been an unforgettable three years, I must say: 1,094 days of d

Desert Island Collection/ Christian Hansen

From the Stones to the Strokes, Toronto-via-Edmonton-via-Vancouver singer-songwriter Christian Hansen tells us who would be keeping him company if he was shipwrecked on his own Gilligan's Island .  BY EMIL TIEDEMANN Christian Hansen performing in Toronto earlier this year (photo by Liz Gareri ). H AVE you ever imagined being stranded on a desert island? In our ever-populating world, I think many of us have. Had our wildest fantasy or worst nightmare--depending on your stance--come true, what do you think you'd want with you on said island? Some of your favourite books, perhaps? Your cellphone or laptop, maybe? A big bag of weed, no doubt? For me, I think--besides my friends & family, of course--I'd miss my music more than anything else. And so that's why I thought it'd be fun to find out what local singers and/or musicians would choose when I asked them what ten albums they would want with them had they been stranded on a desert island (not to menti