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It's Finally Friday Roundup! (#2)

What's h ap pened and happening in Edmonton... Seattle's Pike Place Market! - Could Edmonton's abandoned Ross dale Power Plan t be retrofitted to resemble Seattle's iconic Pike Place Market? Imagine a farmers' market atmosphere with cafes, public art, an Indig e nous museum, perf ormers, local vendors & artisans, river taxis, and so much more!  - Edmonton-born Earls restaurants have moved to drop all Alberta be ef for the ir 65 locations ac ross Canada because they do not meet their new "humane-certifie d" standards. I personally applaud Earls for this move, because it just may ignite a major change in how we do beef in Canada!  - Sadly, 13-year-old Connor McGrath lost his battle with leukemia earlier thi s week. The Edmonton boy made headlines when the Make-A-Wish Foundation gave him the opportunity to meet actor Ryan Re ynolds, who wrote a heartfelt letter following McGrath's death. - Mayor Don Iveson wants to turn Edmonton in

Reimagining Rossdale

Could Edmonton's Ro ssdale Power Plan t become our own version of Seattle's Pike Place Market?! by Emil Tiedemann I T was my sister's 30th birthday , so I wa nted to do something special to celebrate. I knew she had never been to the States before, and so although we had initially looked into checking out Portland, we decided that we'd take a trip to Seattle instead.  My sister, our two good friends, and myself spent just one weekend in Seattle, but we all fell in love with the experience , namely one aspect that really stood out to us and most likely to most other visitors to the Washington city . Pike Place Ma rket .  The amazing Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington. Located just off the Puget Sound , Pike Place is a bustling and charming gathering place for locals and visitors to come to for fresh fish and deli meats, artisan crafts and trinkets, quality wines and oil s, ethnic specialties, second hand books, locally-brewed coffees and teas, or e