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Be Seen In Jeans/ River City Round Up 2012

Don't miss out on this fun festival coming to Edmonton November's gonna be a wild ride!


JEANS were originally worn by farmers or miners because of their strength and resistance. But these fancy pants eventually became the most popular garment around. The "rednecks" still appreciate the practical denim wear, but nowadays the "city slickers" do so, too. Well, I admit that jeans aren't really appropriate in director meetings or city council assemblies, and that's why there's this fantastic program called "Be Seen In Jeans."

It takes place in line with the River City Round Up festival, which happens next week, November 2-11. It is a 10-day celebration of Edmonton's agriculture and western heritage, which includes lots of fun stuff, such as the aforementioned "Be Seen In Jeans" initiative.

Companies and organizations are welcome to support the program by engaging their employees and collecting a recommend…

Capital One Just For Laughs Comedy Tour Contest!

The JFL Comedy Tour is heading across Canada...and before it reaches our neck of the woods, Capital One is offering a lucky reader the chance to win their "Laughing All the Way to the Bank" contest!


I'VE always told my friends that one of my favourite things to do is laugh until I cry. It's the best medicine, they say. And what's more funny than the trials & tribulations of our relationships?!

It's a common topic for stand-ups to use to tickle our funny bones, but it'll take center stage as the theme of the annual Capital One Just For Laughs Comedy Tour, making its way through town Friday, November 16.

Last Comic Standing winner John Heffron, "The Domesticated Male," hosts the coast-to-coast "Relationship Edition" at the Jubilee Auditorium. Joining him onstage will be Jim "Modern Family Man" Breuer, Debra "The Single Cat Lady" DiGiovanni, and "Ladies' Man" Godfrey, all to discuss--or

Halloween in Edmonton, 2012

All dressed up with nowhere to go? Well, 'I Heart' is here to sift through the spooky events taking over Edmonton--or Deadmonton, for the time being--this Halloween season


THE Edmonton Corn Maze presents the "Farm of Fear" event this Halloween (Oct. 18-20, 25-28, 30-31/ 7-10PM), which will use actors, spooky surprises, props, and an eerie cornfield to "help set the mood and turn an ordinary farm yard into the 'Farm of Fear'." Admission to the corn maze (which is adjacent to the "Farm of Fear") is $12.50 and includes admission to the "Farm of Fear," which is recommended for ages 12+. For a map to the maze click here. (See video below).

ON Saturday, Oct. 27 you can join some 5,000 other locals for "Canada's largest costume party," the 14th annual "Halloween Thriller" at Edmonton EXPO Centre (7515-118 Ave.), presented by 104.9 Virgin Radio. The giant costume party will include eight DJ's sp…

Aboriginal Fashion in Edmonton

'I Heart' newbie Julia Horn takes in Alberta's most established Fashion Week event and discovers a new admiration for Aboriginal-inspired couture


ANOTHER Western Canada Fashion Week took place in Edmonton last month from September 13-20. The great thing about this event is that it offers opportunities to young and local designers. At WCFW they have the chance to present their collections, make contacts, and probably get discovered by a famous company. Our fashion week was full of talented newcomers, like the alumni of the Fashion Design Program at Marvel College (MC College).

The twelve young women presented their final collections at the Graduation Fashion Show at TransAlta Arts Barns on Thursday, September 13. The young designers showed a great variety of styles and ideas. The collection "Ruff and Honors" by Kaylah Emily Prakash appears as strong, confident and almost dark with its features like studs and corsetry. Sarah DenOtter presented a fun, fr…