Be Seen In Jeans/ River City Round Up 2012

Don't miss out on this fun festival coming to Edmonton November's gonna be a wild ride!


JEANS were originally worn by farmers or miners because of their strength and resistance. But these fancy pants eventually became the most popular garment around. The "rednecks" still appreciate the practical denim wear, but nowadays the "city slickers" do so, too. Well, I admit that jeans aren't really appropriate in director meetings or city council assemblies, and that's why there's this fantastic program called "Be Seen In Jeans."

It takes place in line with the River City Round Up festival, which happens next week, November 2-11. It is a 10-day celebration of Edmonton's agriculture and western heritage, which includes lots of fun stuff, such as the aforementioned "Be Seen In Jeans" initiative.

The River City Round Up is promoting you to put on your
denim for the "Be Seen In Jeans" initiative, running
November 2-11.
Companies and organizations are welcome to support the program by engaging their employees and collecting a recommended $10 donation. The employee will be given a "Be Seen In Jeans" button, which allows them to wear jeans during the festival.

It would be great to have as many participants as possible to raise money for the capital region's United Way branch, which is a non-profit organization that wants to build caring, vibrant communities. You can be sure that the money is used for a good cause.

In addition to that charity program during River City Round Up there are many other activities and fun things to experience. For example, the Canadian Finals Rodeo--running November 7-11 at Rexall Place--is supposed to be five days of non-stop action, including roping, riding, racing, and of course rodeo.

The rodeo is perhaps the most famous part of western Canadian culture, although it originated in Mexico. The first rodeo in Canada was held--of course in Alberta--in Raymond in 1902. And this year is the 39th edition of the Canadian Finals Rodeo. So put your jeans and cowboy boots on and have some fun celebrating our lovely western heritage. Let the cowboy tradition thrive.


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