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OneRepublic In Concert

Ryan Tedder isn't quite the superstar like those that he's written songs for, but his talent and passion are right on par


SMART phones have become society's pet peeve, drilling angry thoughts into our minds as we watch the whole coffee shop staring into their glowing screens, drivers tapping away at red (& green) lights, and young'n's snapping misleading selfies every 15 minutes or so.

Serenity now, serenity now!

Yes, I know, smart phones have many benefits too, and in fact that's why I brought 'em up! On Wednesday night at Rexall Place, I saw just how beautiful pesky technology can be, as hundreds of concert goers turned on their flash light apps and swayed them in the darkened arena as OneRepublic performed their very first hit "Apologize."

It's a concert staple of course, a modern twist on the flickering liters of yesteryear. But it gets me every time. It was just one of many memorable moments during their 100-minute set …

That's Dirty Dancing!

Jubilations Dinner Theatre takes on one of the biggest hits of the '80s, showing us the time of our lives in 'That's Dirty Dancing'!


LET'S be honest, there's nothing else in the Capital Region quite like Jubilations Dinner Theatre in West Edmonton Mall. It's a one-of-a-kind experience that flawlessly and usually comically interweaves music, dance, acting and dining for a night you won't soon forget. 

Randy Apostle and Aimee Beaudoin's production of 'That's Dirty Dancing' is no exception, warping storylines from two classic '80s films, Dirty Dancing and to a lesser extent, Caddyshack.

The story begins at the traditional Kellermen's Prarie Resort in the 1960s, where Dr. Jake Hoseman (Brent Buchanan) takes his two daughters, Baby (Camille Beauchamp) and Lizzie (Ariel Gerard) for a summer vacation. 

This is where the story hits a fork in the road, splitting song & dance sets between an awkward love triangle of Lizzie…

rEview/ Dancing Into Eternity: A Collection of Poems

Poet Alida Van Braeden showcases the evolution of her writing in a collection of evocative poetry that stretches all the way back to her youth


WHEN poetry is meaningful and effective, the words can sometimes dance on the page. Dancing Into Eternity is a collection by Edmonton poet Alida Van Braeden, and her writing is as ethereal and evocative as the title suggests.

The self-published volume contains poetry inspired by nature, solitude, and love. Stylistically, she alternates between contemporary and classic styles, sometimes within the same piece, playing with line length, rhythm, and rhyme schemes. Her explorations of love are especially poignant, with images of desire, anticipation, and giving of the heart. She pushes boundaries just enough to describe a world where there is balance between 'I' and 'Us.'

An overriding theme throughout Dancing Into Eternity is connection. Connections between each other, with the universe, and with those we love. The fi…

The Evolution of 104th Avenue

Massive projects under construction along 104th Avenue are paving the way to what will become Edmonton's trendiest street yet!


HAVE you ever run into someone new in town who asks you where the best places to hang out in Edmonton are? To grab a bite to eat, sip on some drinks, and see a show maybe, perhaps all within walking distance?

Most Edmontonians would likely tell that newbie that they aughta check out Whyte Avenue, or maybe head downtown to 104th Street. Others might suggest the nearby 124th Street or perhaps Jasper Avenue

In the near future, I have a feeling that locals might be recommending a different street altogether when out-of-towners solicit them for suggestions. 

104th Avenue, running through downtown and the Oliver Square district from 97th to 121st Street, is in the midst of becoming the place to be in Edmonton. The established businesses, the new neighbours, and the exciting projects in the works are creating a lot of buzz for an avenue that has co…

@themovies/ It Follows

Director David Robert Mitchell brings to the screen a nightmare scenario that delves into the essence of primal fear


YOU can run, but you can't hide!

That seems to be the general premise of director-writer David Robert Mitchell's It Follows, a stylish indie horror film that was essentially inspired by a recurring dream from his own youth.

"I had it when I was very young, the nightmare," Mitchell said about how he conceived the idea for It Follows. "I had it several times and I still remember images from it. I didn't use those images for the film, but the basic idea and the feeling I used."

Maika Monroe (The Guest) plays a young girl who, after having sex with her boyfriend (Jake Weary) for the first time, is pursued by some sort of supernatural entity that he has passed on to her. This 'it' is relentless in its hunt, shifting its own identity at any given time in order to get as close to its 'host' as possible before...wel…

rEview/ A Wake for the Dreamland

Inspired by actual love letters and newspaper clippings, A Wake for Dreamland tells the story of a love triangle set around the Second World War


A Wake for the Dreamland is an impressive first novel for Laurel Deedrick-Mayne. A former arts administrator, Deedrick-Mayne was born in Lacombe and now lives in Edmonton. Her writing is well-paced and creates a snapshot of life in Edmonton during and after World War II.

Set right before the war breaks out in 1939, A Wake for the Dreamland follows the lives of Robert, Annie, and William. The trio are the best of friends, with Robert and Annie very much in love. While serving with the military, Robert makes William promise to always look after Annie if something happens to him. From that statement, it is not difficult to conclude that something does indeed happen to Robert, and what follows is a complicated web of lives that become intertwined through both love and circumstances. 

Through story-telling laced with letters and po…

#yeg Video of the Month/ April

Revenge of the Trees' "Into the Night - Pt. 1" (2015)