rEview/ Dancing Into Eternity: A Collection of Poems

Poet Alida Van Braeden showcases the evolution of her writing in a collection of evocative poetry that stretches all the way back to her youth


Dancing Into Eternity
WHEN poetry is meaningful and effective, the words can sometimes dance on the page. Dancing Into Eternity is a collection by Edmonton poet Alida Van Braeden, and her writing is as ethereal and evocative as the title suggests.

The self-published volume contains poetry inspired by nature, solitude, and love. Stylistically, she alternates between contemporary and classic styles, sometimes within the same piece, playing with line length, rhythm, and rhyme schemes. Her explorations of love are especially poignant, with images of desire, anticipation, and giving of the heart. She pushes boundaries just enough to describe a world where there is balance between 'I' and 'Us.'

An overriding theme throughout Dancing Into Eternity is connection. Connections between each other, with the universe, and with those we love. The final section of the book is a series of poems written in Van Braeden's youth, left unedited to reflect her writing style at the time. She demonstrated a precocious talent beyond her years and the poems stand up well against the world of today.

Van Braeden has been writing poetry since she was a child and is a member of the Stroll of Poets. Dancing Into Eternity can be purchased in Edmonton at Audrey's Books.


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