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Music Clip of the Month/ 2-11

The Weekend Kids' "Twenty-Something" (2010) BY EMIL TIEDEMANN W E simply don't have the time to discuss Edmonton indie rockers The Weekend Kids , so we're just gonna go ahead and show you their clip for "Twenty-Something," which is currently up for Best Single and Best Music Video at the inaugural Edmonton Music Awards . The trophies will be handed out on Monday, March 28 at the Haven Social Club .

Local Film Shows Up At Sundance

Trevor Anderson's The High Level Bridge opens discussion for suicide and how it's been swept under the rug...until now BY EMIL TIEDEMANN The High Level Bridge " I T is a beautiful and gracious film, an artistic tribute to those who have jumped from the bridge, and also a poetic contemplation of the H igh Level Bridge itself and its role within the city's collective psyche." That's what the Edmonton Sun 's Graham Hicks had to say about Trevor Anderson 's 5-minute documentary short The High Level Bridge , an official selection at both the Toronto International Film Festival and Sundance . But it was Hicks who, in the same breath, confessed his concern over a potential "copy cat" response to the film's often-taboo subject matter: suicide. Hicks worries that "making a direct link between the High Level Bridge and its suicides may be very emotionally painful to the families and friends of victims other than those to whom the

EDvent/ Edmonton Comedy Battle, Episode I

A dozen of Edmonton's most foul-mouthed comics battle for bragging rights at this first-ever prickapalooza showdown BY EMIL TIEDEMANN WARNING: If you can't handle a few curse words and touchy subjects, I recommend you skip over this post. Seriously...and don't say I didn't warn ya! David Dempsey L ET'S see who's the biggest asshole! Essentially, that's what we found out at last week's inaugural Edmonton Comedy Battle  (Feb. 8), hosted by The Hydeaway (10209-100 Ave.). As it turns out, Kelly Soloduka is the biggest prick of them all! Not exactly surprising, if you know the bastard. But, to be fair, there were plenty of other sons of bitches razing each other during the mockathon, an insult free-for-all slapped together by Aussie David "moved-here-for-a-girl" Dempsey and local comic Scott Belford . "Belford and I were inspired to do this since they run a similar event in Calgary," Dempsey told I Heart . "Scott wa

EDvent/ Sidney York @ The Artery

Downtown's Artery set the stage for a memorable night of indie melodies and torrid compositions by way of Sid York, et al BY EMIL TIEDEMANN The Artery T HERE were two curious bright red doors that seemed painted onto the back wall of The Artery , decal'd in what some might suspect is alleyway graffiti. I entered through the left one, enticed by what was on the other side. A pretty, young woman greeted me from behind some counter, and then put a checkmark beside my name on the guest list, confirming my arrival. But I had to wait for my cohort to show up before I could probe the rest of this rooted-yet-new-to-me venue I'd been invited to before, though had yet to accept. When he arrived we shuffled along some sort of plywood(ish) floor, making our way past a quasi-make-do bar with a limited option of hootch. But what mattered was that they served my option of hootch. We made our way into this comparably-spacious room with a ready-to-go stage, a booth for the lig

And the Nominees Are...

Diverse musicians and singers are up for hardware at the first-ever Edmonton Music Awards, to be handed out March 28 BY EMIL TIEDEMANN I T seems like every time I ask random strangers or district music makers, "What do you think of Edmonton's own music community?," the responses are generally the same: Vibrant. Thriving. Untypical. Everybody knows somebody who's in a band here, and Facebook is faithfully overflowing with local events promoting open mics, acoustic showcases, or CD release parties. So, it comes as no surprise that homegrown musicians and songwriters, singers and bands will be honoured for their untypical contributions to this miscellaneous musical scene. "It was great to see how many people are paying attention to the local scene," said area producer, musician, and promoter Danny Fournier , referring to the more than 1,100 fans and musicians who submitted nominations to the first annual Edmonton Music Awards . They voted for the bes