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E-Clip/ December 2013

Christian Hansen's "Please Don't Do That" (2013) From his album C'mon Arizona , here's the clip for Edmonton's own Christian Hansen 's "Please Don't Do That." Directed by Mike McLaughlin.

E/view: The Ehrich Weisz Chronicles: Demon Gate

Edmonton author Marty Chan explores an alternate New York in which illusionist Harry Houdini sets upon historic adventures in search of his lost brother in the first book of The Ehrich Weisz Chronicle s. BY PAULA E. KIRMAN A strange portal that leads to an alternate New York. A cast of characters from different dimensions and parts of history. A young Harry Houdini at the centre of the story. Marty Chan's 'The Ehrich Weisz Chronicles: Demon Gate' (2013) These are three major elements of Marty Chan 's new novel, The Ehrich Weisz Chronicles: Demon Gate (Fitzhenry & Whiteside). Ehrich Weisz is the aforementioned future illusionist Harry Houdini as a teenager, who follows his brother, Dash, through a mysterious portal. The version of New York where he ends up is full of immigrants from different dimensions in addition to being from different parts of the world. They include Nicola Tesla and Thomas Edison, amongst others.  Ehrich's main goal is

A Few Minutes With...Michael Phair

There aren't many more folks in Alberta who have been as active in almost every aspect of our province than Michael Phair, one of the first openly gay politicians in Canada, which is why we needed much more than just a few minutes with him... BY EMIL TIEDEMANN It was only a few seconds after Michael Phair walked into the Roast Coffeehouse in downtown Edmonton that he had spotted someone he knew. A few people actually, including Ward 6 Councillor Scott McKeen . I certainly wasn't surprised, knowing Phair is a well-connected Edmontonian who's involved or has been involved in countless groups and organizations throughout the city, and for many years now. Michael Phair is currently an adjunct professor and education facilitator with  iSMSS  (Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services). But most folks around here know Michael Phair most as an advocate for the LGBTQ community , a hat he's been wearing since the '80s, when being openly gay in Alberta and in