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Music Clip of the Month/ 03-12

Mars & Venus' "Shades of White" (2011) BY EMIL TIEDEMANN You can also check out Mars & Venus' "Connor" video here . T HREE months after five friends formed Mars & Venus in sexy Edmonton, Alberta, the "band who could never do it the easy way" ventured down south, playing probably mostly holes in the wall in the States and even Mexico. This five-week stretch took them to places they'd never been to before, headlining shows in joints as foreign as 3,000km! That takes balls, blaring their eclectic rock vocal graffiti for Tijuanans just days after launching their premiere EP, Stray Bullets Make Brave Hearts . That was 2009. Carlos "Los Pipes" Calleja (vocals), Nathan "the Drama" Lafrance (guitar), Matthew "Whitey Furious" Brougeault (bass), Jordan "Twreck" Tworek (drums), and newbie Craig "the Craig" Sartor (guitar) are "ready to take on the world" now, easily and