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The Great Edmonton Donair Challenge

Tasting & Rating Every Donair Shop Across the Edmonton Metropolitan Region So You Don't Have To! By Emil Tiedemann If you're familiar with Edmonton, then you probably know that we have the best hockey team in the world, one of the largest malls on the continent, and some of the most beautiful urban green space across the country. But did you know that we're also pretty well known for being a haven for donair lovers?!  Photo: Food Network Canada Yup, this northern prairie city has gained quite the reputation for these spit-roasted meat wraps that originated somewhere in the Middle East and were then brought over to Halifax via a Greek immigrant in the 1970s. However, I won't go over the entire history of the donair or even Edmonton's association with the beloved bundles of beefy bliss, because I already did that in my post titled " The Ultimate Edmonton Donair Guide ."  Instead, this post is dedicated to documenting the vast selection of donairs through