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Review/ Standard Candles

Former #yeg poet laureate Alice Major offers an anthology of profound and often complex poems in Standard Candles by paula e. kirman ALICE Major is one of the most prominent contemporary poets Edmonton has produced. The city's first poet laureate and an inductee into Edmonton's Cultural Hall of Fame, Major's work runs a gamut of themes from family to mythology, to cosmology.  She explores these themes again in her new poetry collection Standard Candles . Using both contemporary and classical poetic forms, Major explores both personal and universal topics. Her language is complex, but not complicated, and the poems often read like mini-stories or windows into the universe – both Major's and the one around us at large.  In fact, many of the poems have an emotional resonance but go further by intersecting with dimensions of space and time, even when specific time periods or places are discussed. The juxtaposition of post-modern free verse and tradition

#yeg Video of the Month/ October

Retrofile 's "Sleep On It" (2015)

CBC Behind #WhYEG Mystery!

The CBC reveal they're behind the #WhYEG & #WhyWhyC grassroots approach to introduce some big changes to their local news formats! by emil tiedemann     W ELL, the cat's finally out of the bag! For nearly a week, Edmontonians have been trying to figure out who marked a number of our city streets with #WhYEG tags, and what they're all about. Well, the CBC has come clean and taken claim of the mysterious hashtags that have also taken over the streets of Calgary (as #WhyWhyC ).  The CBC was behind the clever #WhYEG grassroots campaign! According to their release this morning, the CBC has moved towards integrated four-platform news coverage, effective Monday, October 5th , providing viewers with the "why" instead of the "what," and emphasizing on local. They will also switch to a digital-first strategy "designed to meet your changing needs throughout the day." "Instead of giving you what you already have, we're now of