CBC Behind #WhYEG Mystery!

The CBC reveal they're behind the #WhYEG & #WhyWhyC grassroots approach to introduce some big changes to their local news formats!

by emil tiedemann
WELL, the cat's finally out of the bag!

For nearly a week, Edmontonians have been trying to figure out who marked a number of our city streets with #WhYEG tags, and what they're all about. Well, the CBC has come clean and taken claim of the mysterious hashtags that have also taken over the streets of Calgary (as #WhyWhyC). 

The CBC was behind the clever #WhYEG grassroots campaign!

According to their release this morning, the CBC has moved towards integrated four-platform news coverage, effective Monday, October 5th, providing viewers with the "why" instead of the "what," and emphasizing on local. They will also switch to a digital-first strategy "designed to meet your changing needs throughout the day."

"Instead of giving you what you already have, we're now offering what's often lacking in daily news coverage - context," said CBC Calgary's Rob Brown in a blog post this morning. "Why events unfolded the way they did. Why decision makers went in a particular direction. Why Calgarians [& Edmontonians] should care?"

Ah, now I get it! #WhYEG!

Adrienne Pan will now host CBC Edmonton News, which will now air from 6.00 to 6.30PM each weeknight, as well as a series of one-minute broadcasts that will show up on CBC Television every hour from 2.59-9.59PM during the weekdays, meant to bring viewers up-to-date on news highlights and developing stories.

CBC Edmonton (& Calgary) have announced big changes to how and when they bring you the news!

The CBC also announced that those who use their cell phones or the Internet to get their news will also be taken care of, with the introduction of new local services designed specifically to improve their experience.

"We are committed to delivering more content on the platforms our audiences use most often," the CBC said this morning, "bringing our award-winning and continuously refreshing news coverage to your phone, smart devices and PC."

As for the network's morning current affairs show, Edmonton AM, it will now be broadcast on live television every morning from Studio 2 in downtown Edmonton, from 6.00-7.00AM, and on CBC Radio from 5.30-8.30AM.

Mark Connolly returns to the CBC to host Edmonton AM live from 6-7AM!

For their late night news edition, Sandra Batson will be at the helm for the 11.00PM broadcast, and CBC Alberta News will continue in its Saturday and Sunday timeslots (11.30PM and 11.00PM, respectively), with Alicia Asquith as host.

"We know that our audience's news consumption habits are changing, so we built this plan from the ground up," they continued. "Our ability to cover major breaking news remains unchanged."



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