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EDvent/ Edmonton Comedy Festival, 2011

Etown gets its laugh-on with the first annual Edmonton Comedy Festival, and it's been a long time coming according to the event's sold-out crowds... BY EMIL TIEDEMANN A T times the tool in front of us was somehow more entertaining than the stand-up chatter itself, but mostly when the emcee served as the night's intermission. Not that this Saturday night performance of the 1st annual Edmonton Comedy Festival was not worth our 25 bucks and two hours, but this guy was a discreet diversion of the guilty pleasure kind. Yes, I know...another festival! But this is one Edmonton's been waiting for for a long, long time. The first annual Edmonton Comedy Festival! Draft beer may have amped his nuisance, but it couldn't be the sole fall guy for his abrasive over-laughing and (actual) knee-slapping, taunting the patience of his own company. People! But enough about that guy, because my buddy and I were there for something entirely different. Coast to coast comics te