One of I HEART EDMONTON's favourite things to do is discover a few things we didn't know about some of the most interesting (and well-known) locals. In November 2009 we asked Edmonton radio host Rhubarb Jones if he would participate in the inaugural "A Few Minutes With..." post, and since then we've continued to learn a lil' about some of our city's other outstanding citizens. Now, let's spend a few minutes with...

- Murray Billett (LGBTQ+ activist) (August 2015)
Murray Billett

- Jesse Beyer (Global Edmonton meteorologist) (July 2015)

Jesse Beyer

- Mickey Wilson (transgender advocate & educator)
(July 2015)

Mickey Wilson

- Marni Panas (transgender advocate & educator) (June 2015)

Marni Panas

 - Dr. Kristopher Wells (LGBTQ+ advocate & educator) (June 2015)

Kris Wells

 - Mark Drelich (radio host on NOW! Radio) (May 2015)

Mark Drelich

- Dana Giesbrecht (host/producer of 'Go! Edmonton!') (January 2014)

Dana Giesbrecht

- Michael Phair (gay advocate, former politician) (December 2013)

Michael Phair

- Roman Danylo (comedian, actor) (November 2012)

Roman Danylo

- Nolan Crouse (Mayor of St. Albert, 2007-) (June 2012)

Nolan Crouse

- Jason Zerbin (singer, songwriter) (June 2012)

(Jason) Zerbin

- Michael Bernard Fitzgerald (singer, songwriter) (April 2012)

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald

- Stephen Mandel (Mayor of Edmonton, 2004-2013) (January 2012)

Stephen Mandel

- Christian Hansen (singer, musician, actor) (May 2011)

Christian Hansen

- Shad (Juno-winning rapper) (May 2011)


- Garner Andrews (radio personality, painter) (January 2011)

Garner Andrews

- Daryl Bonar (2010 mayoral candidate) (November 2010)

Daryl Bonar

- Mat Simpson (actor, student) (August 2010)

Mat Simpson

- Ryan Parker (actor, The BeArthurs member) (June 2010)

Ryan Parker

- Colin Close (singer, songwriter) (May 2010)

Colin Close

- Ryan Jespersen (Breakfast Television host) (April 2010)

Ryan Jespersen

- Brittney Le Blanc (iNews880 web editor, blogger) (April 2010)

Brittney Le Blanc

- Mack Male (software developer, blogger) (February 2010)

Mack Male

- Simon-Marc de Freitas (pianist, instructor) (January 2010)

Simon-Marc de Freitas

- Michele McDougall (Breakfast Television meteorologist) (December 2009)

Michele McDougall

- Don Iveson (Ward 5 city councillor, blogger) (November 2009)

Don Iveson

- Rhubarb Jones (Joe FM radio personality) (November 2009)

Rhubarb Jones (left), with Charlie Daniels

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