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Shaw's WideOpen Internet 150 is a Game-Changer!

Shaw now offers WideOpen Internet 150, fast and affordable access to content anywhere and anytime!

by emil tiedemann

BLOGGING is my life. Or at least a big part of it, I should say. I wasn't one of those folks who jumped aboard back inthe early emergence of the blog, but once the bug bit me, I was hooked! 

Back then, however, we didn't have tablets or high speed smartphones to help ease the access and distribution of online content. Facebook and Twitter were just infants, and Instagram and Snapchat weren't even ideas yet. As every yearpasses, blogging has become easier, quicker, and so much more efficient, as technology advances and offers up something bigger and better than before. 

This year is no exception, as Shaw rolls out its WideOpen Internet 150, providing ultra-fast Internet speeds that are priced for everyone and available everywhere!

Edmonton In 500 Posts

My 500th blog post...looking back on how we (& Edmonton) got here!

by emil tiedemann

WHEN I started this blog more than seven years ago, Edmonton was a different city. So many things have happened since then, transitioning our humble hometown into a world-class metro virtually overnight. It's staggering to see how far we've come in such a short amount of time.

Chronicling the city's vast progression wasn't the reason why I started this blog, but rather something that fueled its continuous. It began as my personal way to discourage the ongoing negative commentary spreading across social media about Edmonton, including the erroneous "DEADmonton" moniker.

I set out to showcase Edmonton and to show Edmontonians that there is so much more to our city than what they might think. It was a learning process for me as well, as I discovered just how much I didn't know or understand about the city I was born and raised in.  

Over the years, I've gotten to intervie…

Five Reasons to Stay In This Weekend!

Why spend all that time getting ready and all that cash on a night out when you can make it a movie night on your cozy couch instead!

by emil tiedemann

IF you're not in the mood for the busy crowds at the theatre, and re-runs on Netflix just aren't doing it for you anymore, TELUS* has the answer for you!

Summer vacation has officially come to an end. That means school and work are back in full swing, and it’s the perfect time to chill and veg out with a movie night this weekend. So grab your remote, some popcorn, and your favourite blanket and get ready to cozy up to some of the biggest blockbusters of the year!

If you’re an Optik TV subscriber, you get early access to purchase the most popular movies up to a month before they are available to rent or on Blu-ray. For those movie buffs out there, that's reason enough to sign up to Optik!

Last weekend, Optik subscribers got early access to Captain America: Civil War (the highest grossing movie of the year!). This weekend…