The Ultimate Edmonton Donair Guide

The Tips, the Timeline, and the Top 15 Best Donair Shops in Edmonton

By Emil Tiedemann

Where is the best donair in the Edmonton region?! It's been the subject of serious (but not really) debate for many years now and there are literally hundreds of options for us spoiled Edmontonians to choose from. In fact, there are more restaurants that offer donairs in Edmonton than any other city in the country, with 212 different locations according to the Yellow Pages (as of February 2021). 

The "Edmonton-style" donair (photo by Athena Gourmet Foods)

That's 83 more than Vancouver, which has the second-most amount of eateries that offer donairs (129 according to the Yellow Pages), and well-over double what Halifax, known as "the birthplace of the donair," has to offer (79). By the way, in case you were unaware, "Edmonton-style" donairs are different from those native to Halifax for various reasons, which you can find out more about here

Donairs, which for those who don't know are similar to shawarma and gyros, are actually kind of a thing here in Edmonton, more so than pretty much anywhere in North America. It has become almost a sort of unofficial hometown cuisine, ranking right up there with green onion cakes and perogies. At this point, I think it's even fair to crown Edmonton as the "donair capital of Canada," which I believe most locals would not only agree with, but demand! 

"Edmonton has the donair down to a science," wrote Lindsay Wickstrom, who runs a food blog called Eat This Town and recently published her Book of Donair (2020). "I found it to be a well established fast food and everywhere I looked there was a donair shop."

She's not wrong. There are around 120 different businesses in Edmonton with "donair" in their name, compared to about 50 in Calgary and less than 20 in all of Toronto, according to The Edmonton Journal. Take a drive around Edmonton and in no time you'll likely pass by a donair shop, where you'll see vertical rotisserie spits of perfectly-seasoned meat cones (made mostly of beef) ready to be shaved and coated with melty cheese, fresh diced veggies, and mouth-watering tzatziki or sweet sauce, and then wrapped in a warm, thick Lebanese pita (or any number of wraps/breads). It may not be sexy or sophisticated, but it is culinary bliss nonetheless. 

The donair spit

I'm not going to delve deep into the history of donairs and their ultimate arrival in Alberta, because there is already a wonderful article by The Walrus' Omar Mouallem about just that, titled "The Donair Wars" (2015). That same year, Mouallem penned another informative article for the Calgary Herald. Five years later, in 2020, Chad Huculak wrote a good piece for The Edmonton Journal that focuses in on the donair craze in Edmonton more specifically, which you can read here. I do, however, have a timeline of Edmonton's donair history near the end of this post, in case you're interested. That means we can get right into what we're all here for: the BEST donairs in the Edmonton area!

I recently scoured the Internet and logged Edmontonians' personal donair recommendations in social media polls, article comments, and Reddit threads, and then added up the ratings of the most popular donair shops on review sites like Yelp and Zomato. I then implemented a points system that took all of this information into consideration and then ranked the 15 highest-scoring donair shops in the Edmonton region, which includes St. Albert and Sherwood Park. Below, I have compiled what are unofficially and unscientifically the 15 best donair shops in the Capital Region, according to YOU guys! 

Please feel free to comment below or on social media about your thoughts on this list, as well as your own recommendations. How many of these shops have you tried yourself? Hopefully this list will help you find your own personal favourite donair spot in the city, if it isn't already here, of course. Or take the #YegDonairChallenge and try a donair from ALL 15 of the shops below! I dare you!! 

Top 15 Best Donair Spots in the Edmonton Area:
Location: 8308-144 Ave., Edmonton (780-377-7777).
Testimony: "Swiss Donair is the best place for donairs! They have the best garlic sauce and their donairs are always fresh. The donair meat is tender, not over cooked or crispy and just enough spice! Also their fries are awesome!" (Eatsleeptraveldrink on Tripadvisor, 2019). 
Average TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5 (44 reviews)
Average Yelp Rating: 4.5/5 (75 reviews)
Average Zomato Rating: 4.8/5 (408 reviews)

Location: 10387-63 Ave., Edmonton (780-437-3202).
Testimony: "Best donair in the city! If you haven't tried these guys, put this place in your list, especially if you are a donair fan. They grill the donairs and add some spices to the outside so maybe that's why they are so good. Meat, veggies and garlic sauce are SO good." (Tracey S./ 5 out of 5 stars on Yelp, 2019). 
Average TripAdvisor Rating: 5/5 (35 reviews)
Average Yelp Rating: 4.5/5 (66 reviews)
Average Zomato Rating: 4.4/5 (288 reviews)

High Voltage Food & Coffee Bar

3. Simply Donairs
Location: 140 St. Albert Trail, Units #245, St. Albert (780-470-0019).
Testimony: "Service is always fantastic! Donairs or donair poutine is always incredible. The size of even a small donair is filling. By far the best donair restaurant in St. Albert!" (FoodBaby/ 5 out of 5 stars on Zomato, 2017). 
Average TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5 (38 reviews)
Average Yelp Rating: 5/5 (3 reviews)
Average Zomato Rating: 4.4/5 (132 reviews)

Location: 12106 Jasper Ave., Edmonton (780-454-7771).
Testimony: "I've had a lot of donairs and this place beats them all. I order a King Donair and a large onion rings on every visit. It's my reward food, for doing something good for myself. I have yet to have a bad one. Tons of meat, simply the best donair hands down in Edmonton!!!!" (Electriclava99/ 5 out of 5 stars on Tripadvisor, 2017). 
Average TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5 (10 reviews)
Average Yelp Rating: 4/5 (52 reviews)
Average Zomato Rating: 4.1/5 (77 reviews)

World's Finest Donair & Pizza

5. Richard's Donair & Sub
Location: 12648-137 Ave., Edmonton (780-457-7745).
Testimony: "Love Richard's Donairs, been going there for years even though we moved out of town, my must go to place is to grab a couple of his donairs as far as I am concerned and we have tried many places. This is by far the best. Highly recommended." (DawgsontheRun/ 5 out of 5 stars on Tripadvisor, 2020). 
Average TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5 (14 reviews)
Average Yelp Rating: 4/5 (20 reviews)
Average Zomato Rating: 3.6/5 (75 reviews)

Richard's Donair & Sub

6. Donair Stop
Location: 9718 Ottewell Road, Edmonton (780-465-4484).
Testimony: "I made an account just so I could review this place, since awful places tend to get a far better ratings than this place. I've been going to this place for quite a while. I get the same thing every time and it has been great every time as well. The portions are huge, the onions and sauces are fresh, and the staff know exactly what they're doing." (Casper R./ 5 out of 5 stars on Yelp, 2019). 
Average TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5 (5 reviews)
Average Yelp Rating: 3.5/5 (17 reviews)
Average Zomato Rating: 3.8/5 (58 reviews)

Donair Stop

7. Eddie's Donair
Location: 16767-91 Street, Edmonton (780-457-4555).
Testimony: "Best donair we've had on the North side. Absolutely delicious. Meat is just how we like it, spiced well and crispy edges along with the tzatziki & sweet sauces and the fresh veg. To die for. Their garlic wings were also amazing. Customer service was top notch. It was a steady stream of people and Skip the Dishes coming in while we were waiting to get out food. A good sign. Will definitely be returning. Well done." (Nic/ 5 out of 5 stars on Zomato, 2018). 
Average TripAdvisor Rating: 3.5/5 (17 reviews)
Average Yelp Rating: 4/5 (25 reviews)
Average Zomato Rating: 3.8/5 (96 reviews)

Eddie's Donair

8. Jumbo Donair
Location: 4220-66 Street, Edmonton (780-425-5222).
Testimony: "Oh so yummy - best donair I've had! I got the beef and my friend got the chicken and they were both just fantastic. Be sure to get lots of extra napkins - this is not a first-date food!" (Christina Metke/ 5 out of 5 stars on Zomato, 2015). 
Average TripAdvisor Rating: 5/5 (1 review)
Average Yelp Rating: 4.5/5 (29 reviews)
Average Zomato Rating: 3.8/5 (30 reviews)

Jumbo Donair

9. Nikki's
Location: 11035 Groat Road, Edmonton (Westmount Shopping Centre) (780-454-6801).
Testimony: "Best food court donair you can find! Nikki's is one of the best places I have found to have a donair...the donairs are not to be missed, loaded with Nikki's special donair meat and sauce, lots of onions, tomatoes and lettuce. A real treat. I was talking with a person from another city and when she found out I was from Edmonton and liked donairs she said, 'You know the best place to get donairs in that city?' At the same time we both said, 'Nikki's in Westmount Mall'!" (Suitscase/ 5 out of 5 stars on Tripadvisor, 2016). 
Average TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5 (7 reviews)
Average Yelp Rating: 4/5 (8 reviews)
Average Zomato Rating: 3.7/5 (28 reviews)


10. Marco's Famous
Location: 10371-112 Street, Edmonton (780-425-2226).
Testimony: "Ah Marco's. They've been around forever, yet still manage to keep up their great quality. This is definitely my fav donair spot in the area. The donair meat is cooked through very well and they use ACTUAL cheese, not that weird ass cheese sauce you get at some places. The pita is warm. And I love that I can get the veggies on the side when I split the donair with my carnivorous hubs." (Lindsay M./ 5 out of 5 stars on Yelp, 2020). 
Average TripAdvisor Rating: 4/5 (19 reviews)
Average Yelp Rating: 4/5 (35 reviews)
Average Zomato Rating: 4.1/5 (86 reviews)

Marco's Famous

11. Top Donair
Location: 8210-144 Ave., Edmonton (780-476-1818).
Testimony: "I keep coming back to this place and it is consistently excellent! The donairs are fresh, not greasy, and have a very distinct Mediterranean feel and taste. I strongly recommend making a trip to this place and giving their donairs a try!" (Anton K./ 5 out of stars on Yelp, 2018). 
Average TripAdvisor Rating: 0 reviews
Average Yelp Rating: 4.5/5 (4 reviews)
Average Zomato Rating: 4/5 (49 reviews)

Location: 9070-51 Ave., Edmonton (780-462-9638).
Testimony: "Best donairs around. I have their King Jumbo Spicy Donair pretty much once a week - excellent - flavorful meat and the sweet sauce is great. Something I hadn't had before this year and now is also a staple, is their donair pizza with mushrooms and fresh tomatoes - awesome - and instead of pizza sauce, request the sweet sauce instead. You'll enjoy!!!" (Desmondz28/ 5 out of 5 stars on Tripadvisor, 2020). 
Average TripAdvisor Rating: 4/5 (29 reviews)
Average Yelp Rating: 3.5/5 (30 reviews)
Average Zomato Rating: 3.9/5 (85 reviews)

Simon King Donair & Submarine

13. Queen Donair
Location: Various locations in the Edmonton area.
Testimony: "Never disappoints, whether you're sober or not. The meat to vegetable ratio for the donair is perfect.... I appreciate that their franchise is consistent with their food.... My favourite is the sweet sauce, it's like no other. This definitely satisfied my cravings." (Eileen H./ 5 out of 5 stars on Yelp, 2020). 
Average TripAdvisor Rating: 3.3/5 (average of all locations)
Average Yelp Rating: 3.4/5 (average of all locations)
Average Zomato Rating: 3.1/5 (average of all locations)

Queen Donair

14. Rob's Donair
Location: 390 Baseline Road, Unit #232, Sherwood Park (780-570-1114).
Testimony: "Best donair in Edmonton and area. Quality food from quality people. Rob is a beauty. Always remembers your name and order even after being away for a couple years. Great new location and menu. He brought his famous chicken donair back as well." (Brad Slater/ 5 out of 5 stars on Zomato, 2017). 
Average TripAdvisor Rating: 0 reviews
Average Yelp Rating: 4/5 (8 reviews)
Average Zomato Rating: 3.6/5 (7 reviews)

Location: Various locations in the Edmonton area.
Testimony: "For years I thought Swiss Donair was #1 in the city. Until I tried PrimeTime. This is simply the best in Edmonton. Lots of sauces, vegetables AND sautéed peppers, onions and mushrooms. A 12/10." (OG Zeen/ 5 out of 5 stars on Zomato, 2014). 
Average TripAdvisor Rating: 4/5 (15 reviews)
Average Yelp Rating: 3.5/5 (27 reviews)
Average Zomato Rating: 3.5/5 (25 reviews)

PrimeTime Donair & Poutine

Honourable Mention:
Famous Donair in Sherwood Park (1080 Strathcona Dr.) 780-416-1833

“It tells a story about Canada’s 
multiculturalism. No other dish 
encompasses our identity better 
than the donair. Many different 
cultures were involved in its creation: 
Refined and proliferated by Lebanese, 
popularized by Maritimers and 
spread across the country by their 
migration. That tells a much more 
accurate contemporary 
Canadian story.”
- Omar Mouallem, 2020

Vegetarian/ Gluten-Free Options:

Vegetarian: The Clever Rabbit (10722-124 St., Edmonton) 780-455-4500
Gluten-Free: Maina's Donair (#101, 5010-50 St., Beaumont) 780-929-9887

Tips for Donair Rookies:

1. If you're ordering a donair with somebody from Nova Scotia, avoid asking for lettuce! According to food blogger Lindsay Wickstrom, it is “completely blasphemous” to eat lettuce on a donair in Halifax, where they originated. The Halifax version usually consists of nothing but the meat, cheese, sauce, pita, onions, and tomatoes. But to each their own.  

2. Most (if not all) donair shops offer the option to purchase extra sauce on the side (for about 50 cents to $1), which often comes in a small plastic container. Get some! If you love the sauce (sweet sauce is more popular btw), this allows you to either drizzle it on your donair as you go or you can dip your donair into the sauce itself. Oh, and always ask for cheese, as it is not always included. 

3. Never eat a donair in your vehicle! Donairs are notoriously messy and you're going to get sauce and sauce-covered meat and veggies ALL over yourself and the interior of the vehicle as you munch away. If you MUST eat it out of your car, make sure you have plenty of napkins and wet wipes available, or you can order from a place like High Voltage, whose donairs are far less messy (and are my personal favourite!). 

4. After you've tried a few donairs, you might want to experiment with some of the other donair dishes available. I say start with a donair sub or burger, which are not too far off from the typical donair, and then perhaps try a donair pizza, poutine, calzone, or taco. You can also try various different sauces, toppings, or even the not-as-popular chicken, vegetarian, or even bison donair. Or you can forego the toppings altogether and ask for "no veggies" if you prefer. 

5. For YEARS, donairs have been associated with late-night cravings after a night of drinking, although it is far more common to eat them just whenever these days. However, if you're still a bit iffy on trying a donair, maybe swing by one of the countless donair shops after a few just might hit the spot! 

6. Donairs are very filling, and so unless you're down to devour what feels like a meal and a half in one sitting, maybe it's best to start with a small or regular donair for now. You may not make it through an entire large or especially "jumbo" donair unless you haven't eaten in like 6 hours and have sipped on adult beverages all night. Just sayin.'

7. Never order a donair from a Chinese restaurant! Only twice in my life have I had a bad donair. Both were from Chinese restaurants. I don't know what I was thinking, but you have been warned. 

Edmonton Donair Timeline:

1978: Two years after immigrating to Nova Scotia from Lebanon, donair shop employee Chawki El-Homeira migrated to Alberta, joining thousands of Maritimers who had moved to the province to find work on the thriving oil industry. His dream was to open up a donair shop and feed the ever-growing population of Nova Scotians and other Maritimers, but he drove a cab in the meantime. 

1982: El-Homeira opened Charles Smart Donair on Whyte Avenue, which is commonly believed to be the first donair shop in Edmonton. El-Homeira is credited with popularizing the donair in our city. Lebanese immigrant Sam Tawachi was also a pioneer of donair culture in Edmonton and opened a donair shop (with his father) that same year, later selling his recipe wholesale via his Athena Donair factory. 

Charles Smart Donair (1982-2008)

1995: Athena Donair Distributors was founded by Tawachi in Edmonton, becoming the province's largest processor and distributor of donair meat. The 17,000-square foot facility supplies meat and sauce to donair shops across Alberta and beyond, and it is currently located at 125th Avenue and 60th Street, under the name Athena Gourmet Foods

Athena Gourmet Food products

2000: Swiss Donair opened its doors at 83 St. & 144 Ave. and has since become one of the most popular donair shops in the Edmonton region. It was taken over by Wajdi (Sam) Chehimi, the shop's current owner, in 2004. 

Wajdi (Sam) Chehimi of Swiss Donair
(photo by Ed Kaiser/ Edmonton Journal)

2008: Against his sons' wishes, Chawki El-Homeira sold his Charles Smart Donair shop in Old Strathcona and retired from the business. Charles Smart (El-Homeira's anglicized name and "a poorly translated Arabic adjective") opened in 1982 and is believed to be Edmonton's first donair shop. 

2008: Following an outbreak of food-borne illnesses in Alberta, including three E. coli hospitalizations in Calgary during 2004, the Donair Working Group offered up some new recommendations for donair shops in the province. This most notably included the double cooking of the donair meat mandate, to ensure safety standards for customers. You can read more about this mandate here

2009: The popular PrimeTime Donair chain opened its first location in Edmonton. It has since expanded to seven locations throughout the Edmonton area, including downtown, Mill Woods, and Sherwood Park. 

PrimeTime's donair burger

2016: Jumbo Donair owner Maher Taweel went viral on #yeg social media when he offered a free meal to a man who was not able to pay. The donair shop was flooded with locals who wanted to show their appreciation for Taweel's kind gesture. Taweel moved with his family to Canada from Palestine in 2002. He opened Jumbo Donair in 2014. 

2018: King of Donair, which is a chain of donair shops based in Halifax since 1973 and that has established a "cult-like" following, finally opened a franchise in Edmonton, located on Whyte Avenue. However, the shop has since been renamed YEG Donair. 

King of Donair

2018: Named after the famous Halifax intersection where donairs were available on all corners, Blowers & Grafton opened up shop in Edmonton, located on Whyte Avenue and 105 Street. Specializing in Halifax-style street food, B&G opened its first location a year prior in Calgary. 

Blowers & Grafton donair

Make Your Own Donair at Home:

If you're up for the task (it's actually pretty easy!), Edmonton-based YouTuber Quang Tran (who has over 2 million subscribers by the way) shows us in the video below how we can make your very own donairs right in your own kitchen! For this video, Tran used packaged donair meat from Nova Scotia-based company Mr. Donair, which you can find in various local grocery stores (including Safeway, Sobeys, No Frills, and Giant Tiger). There are also plenty of donair recipes online if you're interested in trying something else! 

The Edmonton Donair Directory:

Here is an alphabetical list of every known restaurant in the Edmonton region that offers (and often specializes in) donairs (and shawarma). Please feel free to let me know if I missed any or if you know of any locations that have since closed. You think you can try a donair from EACH shop?!


- 24 Hours Pizza & Donair (4018-118 Ave.) 587-524-1966
- 99 Sub & Donair (9919-51 Ave.) 780-430-1950
- Aladdin Donair & Kabab (3536-137 Ave.) 780-478-7733
- All Hours Pizza & Donair (11922-129 Ave.) 780-424-7106
- All Night Pizza (& Donair) (9715-118 Ave.) 780-448-0004
- Al Salam Bakery & Restaurant (10141-34 Ave.) 780-944-0000
- Amean Pizza, Donair & Sub (3450-99 St.) 780-489-3499
- Baba's Donair (10807 Castle Downs Rd.) 780-406-3006
- Basha Donair & Shawarma (2811-116 St.) 780-761-3400
Basha Donair & Shawarma (5328-75 St.) 780-440-2084
Basha Donair & Shawarma (11001 Jasper Ave.) 780-752-7482
- BF Donair & Poutine (2569-17 St.) 825-512-5595
- Best Bite Pizza & Donair (324 Windermere Rd.) 780-989-0444
- Best Donair (15043 Stony Plain Rd.) 780-487-5959
- Big Bite Pizza, Donair & Gelato (16620-71 St.) 780-478-7478
- Bingo Pizza, Donair & Pasta (12965-97 St.) 780-756-9797
- Buster's Pizza, Donair & Pasta (10640-116 St.) 587-401-1565
Buster's Pizza, Donair & Pasta (12716-137 Ave.) 780-457-0025
Buster's Pizza, Donair & Pasta (6604-137 Ave.) 780-406-7667
Buster's Pizza, Donair & Pasta (6108-50 St.) 587-414-0404
Buster's Pizza, Donair & Pasta (5954-153 Ave.) 780-476-5072
Buster's Pizza, Donair & Pasta (8064-167 Ave.) 587-416-2344
Buster's Pizza, Donair & Pasta (9080-25 Ave.) 587-735-6200
Buster's Pizza, Donair & Pasta (319 Allard Blvd.) 587-414-0426
- Campus Pizza (7610-112 St.) 780-434--4414
- Canadian Choice Pizza (& Donair) (8103-127 Ave.) 587-497-6547
- Casablanca Donair & Pizza (9929 Jasper Ave.) 780-429-5999
- Checkers Pizza (10658-82 Ave.) 780-989-2882
Checkers Pizza (3210-82 St.) 780-705-5111
- Chef Donair (15043 Stony Plain Rd.) 780-487-5959
- Chomps Donair (6609-177 St.) 587-520-5923
- Classic Pizza, Donair & Sub (2811 Mill Woods Rd.) 780-463-5517
- Co Co Di Mediterranean (11454 Jasper Ave.) 780-425-1717
- Columbus Pizza & Donair (8230-175 St.) 780-484-4556
- Cosmic Pizza (& Donair) (10412-102 Ave.) 780-705-3555
Cosmic Pizza (& Donair) (8015 Wagner Rd.) 780-220-3000
Cosmic Pizza (& Donair) (5021-22 Ave.) 780-250-3866
Cosmic Pizza (& Donair) (15222-127 St.) 780-371-0854
- Donair & Subs Delight (12643-153 Ave.) 780-457-3000
- Donair Express (8523-118 Ave.) 780-474-5508
- Donair Lover (3731-118 Ave.) 780-244-5566
- Donair Station (17234-95 Ave.) 780-489-5464
- Donair Stop (9718 Ottewell Rd.) 780-465-4484
- Donair Way (11822-103 St.) 780-477-7884
- Donna's Eatery (21516-115 Ave.) 780-429-8894
- Dream Donair & Pizza (6230-99 St.) 780-988-8308
- Duke's Diner (11636-87 Ave.) 780-431-0380
- Eat & Dip (6877 Ad Astra Blvd.) 780-250-3435
- Eddie's Donair (16757-91 St.) 780-457-4555
- Enzo's Donair (18555 Stony Plain Rd.) 780-452-3696
- Fat Alberts Pizza & Donair (8927B-82 Ave.) 780-718-8777
- Fine Pizza & Donair (14062-127 St.) 780-758-4500
- Firezone Pizza & Donair (2490 Guardian Rd.) 780-756-0377
- High Voltage Food & Coffee Bar (10387-63 Ave.) 780-437-3202
- Hollywood Pizza (9103-118 Ave.) 780-448-0008
- Home Style Donair (10425-51 Ave.) 780-435-0628
- Home Style Donair & Subs (3424-43 Ave.) 780-465-7699
- Hot Donair Cafe (7256-101 Ave.) 780-760-0325
- In & Out Donair (12110-161 Ave.) 780-244-7776
- Jam's Pizza & Donair (9704-182 St.) 780-444-9418
- Jimmy's Place Pizza & Donair (11718-82 St.) 780-752-0011
- Jomaa's Pizza & Chicken (15178-127 St.) 780-456-1234
- Joyous Pizza, Donair & Shawarma (13750-50 St.) 780-540-4569
- Jumbo Donair (4220-66 St.) 780-425-5222
- Kabsa the Ultimate Cuisine (5932-153 Ave.) 780-436-1815
- Laziza Pizza & Donair (15277 Castle Downs Rd.) 780-757-8787
- Mac T Donair & Shawarma (14245-23 Ave.) 587-454-4194
- Magma Donair, Burgers & Subs (5513-23 Ave.) 780-250-3662
- Mama Donair & Pizza (3210-118 Ave.) 780-908-1980
- Marcel's Submarine & Donair (9929 Jasper Ave.) 780-429-5999
- Marco's Famous (10371-112 St.) 780-425-2226
- Mike's Famous (10526-82 Ave.) 780-436-1814
- Mona's Pizza (& Donair) (10706-134 Ave.) 780-473-1555
- More Subs (10551-170 St.) 780-489-6189
- Mr. Donair Submarine (#30, 9700 Jasper Ave.) 780-328-4663
- Olympus Donair (5639 Riverbend Rd.) 780-435-0202
- PitaBake (15180-127 St.) 780-475-5447
- Pizza82 & Donair (10443-82 Ave.) 780-433-3865
- Pizza & Donair (8882-170 St.) 780-489-9878
- Pizza & Pasta Express (#1640, 9777-102 Ave.) 780-425-2336
- Pizza City Donair & Broast (5572 Windermere Blvd.) 780-437-9800
- PrimeTime Donair & Poutine (6572-28 Ave.) 780-757-0202
PrimeTime Donair & Poutine (3928-17 St.) 780-469-1119
PrimeTime Donair & Poutine (11343-104 Ave.) 780-760-7774
PrimeTime Donair & Poutine (1128-91 St.) 780-989-2416
PrimeTime Donair & Poutine (9222-51 Ave.) 780-540-8600
PrimeTime Donair & Poutine (2779-119A St.) 780-752-7500
- Privilege Donair (7619 Argyll Rd.) 780-466-1672
- Queen Donair (12914-50 St.) 780-414-6200
Queen Donair (10547-82 Ave.) 780-439-3386
Queen Donair (10752 Jasper Ave.) 780-424-3129
Queen Donair (10068-156 St.) 780-489-1796
- Richard's Donair & Sub (12648-137 Ave.) 780-457-7745
- Roadrunner Pizza & Donair (12311-115 Ave.) 780-488-7975
- Roma Pizza & Donair (11819-40 Ave.) 780-944-9696
- Root of Beirut (10208-127 Ave.) 780-406-2200
- Sal's Famous (12808-82 St.) 780-244-4545
- Sam's Pizza & Donair (18236-89 Ave.) 780-757-1199
- Selem Sub & Donair (11015-107 Ave.) 780-497-7242
- Shawarma & Donair Box (6554-170 Ave.) 780-456-2690
- Shawarma Shack & Donair (12432-167 Ave.) 780-540-4445
- Shish Shawarma (10106-118 St.) 780-452-1333
Shish Shawarma (12204-137 Ave.) 780-456-0778
- Simon King Donair & Submarine (9070-51 Ave.) 780-462-9638
- Simply Donairs (9004-50 St.) 780-469-1223
- Sir Donair & Pizza (14210-118 Ave.) 780-488-2777
- Spot On Donair & Kebab (9516 Ellerslie Rd.) 780-465-4625
- Stadium Donair & Pizza (8157-112 Ave.) 780-471-4580
- Summerside Pizza & Donair (2956 Ellwood Dr.) 780-761-1314
- Swiss Donair (8308-144 Ave.) 780-377-7777
- Tastii Donair & Pizza (9520-163 St.) 780-484-4444
- Taystee Donair (#128, 550 Clareview Rd.) 780-476-0066
- Top Donair (8210-144 Ave.) 780-476-1818
Top Donair (10084 Jasper Ave.) 780-244-4477
- The Top Donair (448 Riverbend Sq.) 780-540-8398
- Turquaz Kebab House (13310-137 Ave.) 780-476-4511
- Urban Bite (13139-156 St.) 780-455-0035
- Urban Greek (10025-102A Ave.) 780-965-9965
- Vegas Donair & Poutine (8525B-112 St.) 780-434-7634
- Wok Donair & Poutine (13732-40 St.) 780-699-5999
- Yado Donair (6502-132 Ave.) 780-705-2286
- YEG Donair (10364-82 Ave.) 780-244-5464
- Yellowhead Donair & Pizza (#8, 14220 Yellowhead Hwy) 780-488-8832
- Zach's Famous Donair Emporium (148-38 Ave.) 780-490-0938


- Acheson Pizza & Donair (#100, 11386-255 St.) 587-461-9668
- Dale-E-Bread (128 David Rd.) 780-962-0907


- Buster's Pizza, Donair & Pasta (#118, 5302-50 St.) 780-929-3111
- Maina's Donair (#101, 5010-50 St.) 780-929-9887

Fort Saskatchewan:

Buster's Pizza, Donair & Pasta (9757-90 St.) 780-998-5525
- City Donair & Kabob (10203-100 Ave.) 780-992-9272
- Sky Hy Pizza & Donair (#152, 10404-99 Ave.) 780-997-9882
- The Village Pizza & Donair (121 Town Crest Rd.) 780-589-1000


- Primo Pizza & Donair (4907-50 Ave.) 780-923-3999
- Sal's Famous (4606-50 Ave.) 780-923-2144

Leduc & Nisku:

Basha Donair & Shawarma (5110-50 St., Leduc) 780-739-2020
Basha Donair & Shawarma (#114, 8020 Sparrow Dr., Nisku) 780-739-2023
Nitza's Pizza (4302-50 St.) 780-980-2226
- Queen Donair (304-20 Ave., Nisku) 780-955-2566
- Ryan's Drive In (4703-50 St., Leduc) 780-986-1718


- Amanda's Pizza (9604-100 St.) 780-939-4445
- Sal's Famous (10321-100 Ave.) 780-939-5666

Sherwood Park:

Cosmic Pizza (& Donair) (#20, 52 Brentwood Blvd.) 587-269-0990
- Donair & Shawarma House (#340, 800 Broadmoor Blvd.) 780-570-0270
- Famous Donair (1080 Strathcona Dr.) 780-416-1833
- Gregg Mediterranean Restaurant (25 Sioux Rd.) 780-449-0485
- Nitza's Pizza (10 Ridgemont Way) 780-417-6666
Nitza's Pizza (300 Amberley Way) 780-417-6666
- PrimeTime Donair & Poutine (138, 1020 Sherwood Dr.) 587-456-9190
- Richard Donair (#31, 99 Wye Rd.) 780-416-8055
- Rob's Donair (#232, 390 Baseline Rd.) 780-570-1114
- Roma Pizza & Donair (#127, 120 Wye Rd.) 780-449-5100
- Sunny's Pizza, Donair & Indian Cuisine (3890 Sher. Dr.) 587-456-6767

Spruce Grove:

Buster's Pizza, Donair & Pasta (#4, 101 First Ave.) 780-960-9300
Cosmic Pizza (& Donair) (108 McLeod Ave.) 780-571-1997
- Donair Lab (5 Spruce Village Way) 587-461-7155
- J's Diner (#1, 315 First Ave.) 780-960-2027
- La Bezt Donair & Pizza (#130, 636 King St.) 780-946-7172
- Sam's 2 for 1 Pizza & Pasta (#10, 4 Spruce Ridge Dr.) 780-960-1525

St. Albert:

- Amore Pizza & Donair (2D Sir Winston Churchill Ave.) 780-459-7480
Cosmic Pizza (& Donair) (#30, 504 St. Albert Trail) 825-223-9820
- Grandin Pizza & Donair (2 Sir Winston Churchill Ave.) 780-459-7499
- Pisa Pizza & Pasta (23 Akins Dr.) 780-460-4663
Roma Pizza & Donair (#4, Versaille Ave.) 780-460-1111
- Simply Donairs (140 St. Albert Trail, #245) 780-470-0019

Stony Plain:

- Atomic Pizza & Donair (4401-48 St.) 780-968-1115
Cosmic Pizza (& Donair) (5202-50 St.) 780-591-3001


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