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#yeg Video of the Month (January '16)

Sound of Edmonton (2014) A film be Evan van Ramshorst  

My Name Is Edmonton....

An open letter I 'm not stupid, I know that some of you don't exactly like me. I know that some of you even hate me. I once overheard some guy on Whyte tell me to go f uck myself ! Maybe he just got kicked outta some bar or his girlfriend just informed him that he's a dumb ass or something, who knows? I've heard it all before, and I promise you that it doesn't hurt my feelings... all the time.  Remember when Mordecai Richler said I was the "boiler room" of Canada in a 1986 essay for the New York Times , or when British reporter Robert Philip unfairly dubbed me "Deadmonton" in 2001? I was heartbroken, a little confused, and sort of pissed off! How dare these guys say these things about me when they haven't even given me the chance to prove myself. Sometimes, I think that people say things just to get me going. Maybe that's a good thing!  But, to be completely honest, those things were said years ago and maybe they weren't t