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rEview/ Inching Back to Sane: My Years with Bipolar

Local author Leif Gregersen paints a raw and honest portrayal of life with a mental illness in his latest book Inching Back to Sane BY PAULA E. KIRMAN Leif Gregersen is probably Edmonton's most prolific writer you may never have heard of. He writes poetry, short stories, freelance articles, and non-fiction based on his own struggles with mental illness. Inching Back to Sane The latter is the subject of one of his most recent self-published books, Inching Back to Sane . A sequel to his previous memoir Through the Withering Storm , which was about his teen years and initial diagnosis with bipolar disorder, Inching Back to Sane documents Gregersen's adult years, many of which were spent in and out of the hospitals and psychiatric wards while trying to get his condition under control. Gregersen's writing is not polished, but it is honest. Inching Back to Sane is a fascinating look at mental illness from a first person perspective. He includes candid, personal, and