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Pink Shirt Day

February 24th marks the 9th annual anti-bullying Pink Shirt Day campaign across the country!

by emil tiedemann

BULLYING is destructive, emotionally damaging, and, in some cases, deadly, and no child should have to suffer from its harmful and negative effects,” said Brad Shaw, Chief Executive Officer, Shaw Communications Inc. “Shaw’s #PinkShirtPromise campaign is a powerful initiative that gives us the ability to work closely with our partners to create safer environments for children and youth – whether at school, at home, or online.” 

That's why Shaw Communications has teamed up with various organizations and groups to celebrate Pink Shirt Day (Feb. 24), a way to promote and encourage conversation about bullying in schools and online. 

Today, Pink Shirt Day, Southgate Centre invites everyone to wear a pink shirt to support the cause, and take part in the #PinkShirtPromise school rally and activities at Southgate Centre from 10am – 11am in the west atrium near the LRT entran…

#yeg Video of the Month (February '16)

Savage Playground's "Infatuation" (2015) Directed by Barrett Klesko

The 30 Day #buyYEG Challenge

Do you think you can eat, drink, shop, and play local for 30 days? Join the challenge!

by emil tiedemann

IT'S tough out there for a lot of folks right now, as the economy shows no signs of recovery for at least the near future. That means that many of us aresearching for that best possible deal on everything from groceries to oil changes. 

That means that many Edmontonians will likely turn to the online sources or big box retailers such as Walmart or Superstore for whatever it is they might need, or pull into one of the many shopping malls for that one-stop-shop convenience. You can't exactly hold that against someone, especially in times like these. 

However, there are also plenty of folks like myself, who were not (yet) directly affected by the low oil prices and falling loonie; people who may be able to spend an extra few bucks on groceries and oil changes. Don't get me wrong, I'm by no means rolling in the dough, but I don't need to be in order to do whatever I ca…

Review/ A Twisted Fate: My Life with Dystonia

Brenda Currey Lewis' A Twisted Fate sheds some much needed light on dystonia, a debilitating disease that has "turned her muscles against her"

by emil tiedemann

WE, as human beings, are built to take things for granted. We sorta have to, or we'd be in this constant state of awe and appreciation, thanking the birds for their songs, the clouds for the rain, and the people we love just for being them. It all sounds nice, but also kind of exhausting.

It's those simplest of daily activities and routines, from taking a shower to driving to work each morning, that we start to regard as pesky obligations and necessities, even chores. For others, such as Edmonton's Brenda Currey Lewis, there isn't much that is taken for granted. 

Lewis has generalized dystonia, a state of abnormal muscle tone resulting in muscular spasm and abnormal posture, typically due to neurological disease or a side effect of drug therapy. Since she was just seven years old, Lewis ha…