Soda Jerks: A Burger Lover's Paradise

Edmonton-based Soda Jerks turns cheeseburgers into an art form! 

by emil tiedemann

IF you own a BBQ, then you've most likely attempted to create the perfect burger at some point, yes?! You go to the grocery store to pick up the best cut of beef, some assorted veggies for toppings, just the right kind of cheese and buns, and maybe some spices and sauces to top it all off. 

Then, you head back home and start up the ole barbie, put all your ingredients together, and hope for the best. You've done it, a culinary masterpiece, a carnivorous work of art. But then, after that first couple of bites, you go into denial mode, refusing to accept that your efforts simply didn't pay off. 

Next time, I'll try the Havarti, maybe.

Don't bother! Instead of spending all that time, money, and effort trying to perfect the perfect cheeseburger out in the backyard, why not let the professionals do it for you! 

Soda Jerks is an Edmonton-based burger and soda joint where you're still the decision maker, but where they'll do all the work for you! With more than 50 toppings to choose from, the possibilities are endless!

You choose the cut of meat (everything from chicken breast to battered fish to 100% Angus Ground Chuck), the style of bun, the sauces, the veggies, the cheese, and all the extras you could (& couldn't) imagine! 

If you like variety, then this is the place you need to be! If you're more conservative when it comes to your burger, then you might be fine with a sesame seed bun, cheddar, and some mushrooms and sautéed onions! But, if you're a lil' more adventurous, then you might want to go for a veggie patty wrapped in glazed donuts, spattered with strawberry jam, and topped off with Doritos, pineapple, Captain Crunch, or even gummy worms?! 

Did I just blow your mind?!

Of course, there are other food options (such as hot dogs and salads), but some might say the kicker is the choices you get to wash it all down with. Soda Jerks prides itself on its selection of beers and cocktails, milk shakes, and of course, old-fashioned bottles of soda!

There are more than 40 different flavours of pop available at Soda Jerks, everything from Cherry Cola and Dad's Root Beer to Pepper Elixir and even Chocolate Maple Bacon! How could you possibly go wrong?! 

So, the next time you find yourself about to scrape off the residue from the rusty BBQ, consider letting Soda Jerks take care of your hunger pains. They'll get it right!

There are four Soda Jerks locations in the Edmonton area, including a brand new locale in West Granville, not far from the River Cree Casino & Resort. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. #nameyourcraving


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