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Fountain Tire's Love for the Oilers Comes to Life Through Fan Bods Site!

Fountain Tire and the Edmonton Oilers have teamed up to encourage fans to cheer on their favourite team By Emil Tiedemann Anyone with a social media account can send off a quick message to their favourite team, the Edmonton Oilers , at any given time they please. However, thanks to Fountain Tire and their new Fan Bods site , you're now able to step up your personal cheer to a whole new level!  Visit the #FountainTireFanBods site HERE ! In association with the Edmonton Oilers, Fountain Tire has developed a website that will allow anyone to type in their own personalized cheer for their favourite hockey team. From there, a group of passionate Oilers fans - painted from head-to-toe in blue - will serve as the ultimate cheering canvas, scrolling your message on their own "fan bods" for the world to see.  These dedicated fans - who happen to be employees of Fountain Tire - will be dancing in the stands on Thursday, November 1 , when the Oilers take on the Chicago