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Review/ Rutherford the Time-Travelling Moose

Author Thomas Wharton takes young readers on a journey through Edmonton's colourful past by paula e. kirman W HEN I was a child, I was taken to places like Rutherford House, Fort Edmonton, and other places to explore and learn about Edmonton's history. Robin, the main character in Rutherford the Time-Travelling Moose , also gets to learn all about Edmonton's history, first-hand. Written by acclaimed Edmonton author Thomas Wharton and illustrated by local designer Amanda Schutz , Rutherford the Time-Travelling Moose is a whirlwind adventure through the city's history, aimed at young children. When Robin visits Rutherford House with her grandmother, Rutherford (after whom the book is titled) appears. The moose takes Robin to different places and eras, starting with the ice age. Robin is introduced to historical figures and sees how the city has changed over the centuries, before Rutherford brings her back to the present day. The story an

Eat A Little, Help A Lot!

It's never tasted so good to help out those who are less fortunate! by emil Tiedemann I T'S that time of the year again, when Edo Japan does their part to feed those in need! Until January 3rd , Edo will donate 25 cents from every $1.49 spring roll sold to local Food Banks. Last year, Edo raised $76,000 through their Eat A Lot, Help A Lot campaign, providing 39,000 meals for Canadian families! This year, they hope to top even that, but they need YOUR help!! Dedicated to serving affordable, delicious and simply better meals, Edo Japan has quickly become a Canadian favourite. With signature dishes like Teriyaki Chicken and Sukiyaki Beef, and a full sushi offering, there is something on the menu to satisfy every craving. So please stop into one of the more than twenty locations in the Edmonton area and grab yourself something to eat and help those in need at the same time! For every $1 donated to Edo, that's $4 worth of food that goes to families that need it! #

#yeg Video of the Month/ December

Stevie Raikou 's "Misty" (2015) (feat. Dapper Dan & Loic Moonmattress) (dir. Kamaal Da Koala/ CWC Records)  

WINGS of Providence: Erin's Story

How this local second-stage shelter gave one woman her WINGS! by erin hoskins I N 2002, as a pregnant mom on welfare to two boys with a baby on the way, I went to an appointment to meet a woman in an apartment building downtown. I'd been in a local women's shelter for a few weeks and was given details on a place that might b e able to help me and my children. I didn't have a whole lot of hope. I'd just left my abusive partner and hope was the last thing I had. I didn't believe much in myself, let alone anyone else at the time. I felt like a shell of the person I used to be. When I went for my appointment, I was taken into the office where I was offered a drink, a chair, and an ear. It was a quick meeting from what I remember , an insight as to what WINGS (Women In Need Growing Stronger) did , and questions as to what was going on in my world. When I walked away I didn't think anything spectacular, and I definitely didn't think I'd get a p