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Edmonton-Born & Raised ... Until I Die!

By Emil Tiedemann In my twenties, I noticed a number of my friends "leaving the nest" and heading to some other large metro, usually Calgary or Vancouver. Others went further, perhaps out east, down south, or even overseas. However, almost each one of them eventually made their way back home to Edmonton, while a few seemed to have found a new home elsewhere.  This is just what happens. When you're young, the sky's the limit and you're seemingly invincible, and so some of us spread our wings and see what there is to see out there in the great wide open. Even I took a stab - albeit embarrassingly brief - at my own adventure by leaving home and relocating to Toronto when I was 25 years old. I was back home in less than a week. I know, shut up!  Edmonton, Alberta (a.k.a. HOME!) Since then, I have come to realize that Edmonton is where I want to be. It is my home. I have no need to move away because everything I love is here and Edmonton has everything I need to live a

How Edmonton Fits Into American TV Culture

By Emil Tiedemann Over the years, Edmonton has gained a reputation for its arts and culture, its grand hockey history, and, of course, that giant mall, amongst other things. Although we're far from the Paris' and New York's of the world, in terms of recognizability, we've been at least mentioned in some capacity - good or bad - in numerous non-Canadian TV shows since the early 1980s.  If you're anything like me, your ears perk up whenever you hear "Edmonton" mentioned on a television series or in a movie, or perhaps even on CNN, no matter the context. We just don't get to hear our humble hometown being talked about all that often on international television or in Hollywood movies. Or do we? Here are some of the American programs that have at least mentioned Edmonton in some capacity at some point (in chronological order)... - The Young and the Restless (1981) "And this is Wayne, out of our Edmonton operation," said one of the characters on a