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Long-awaited, locally-filmed sequel will help kick off this year's International Film Festival BY EMIL TIEDEMANN I N 2002 Michael Dowse directed and co-scripted what is now recognized as a Canadian cult classic, FUBAR , itself an acronym for 'Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition." The $400,000 mockumentary starred David Lawrence (Terry) and Paul Spence (Dean), as lifelong friends and the subjects of a documentary film that details the lives of the "common man." Based partially on a Lawrence-Spence comedy routine, FUBAR premiered at the Sundance Film Festival , but really struck a chord with Western Canadians. In particular, Albertans. FUBAR , with the mullet ratio of a Poison video, was shot and based in Calgary, although that's no reason to avoid it. But that was eight years ago and Terry & Dean have since matured. Well, not really. FUBAR 2 , the long-awaited sequel, was shot predominantly in Fort McMurray and partially in the fine, ridiculously sexy to

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Controversial director's documentary approach on a fatigued story proves a vast improvement from its slick, polished counterparts BY EMIL TIEDEMANN I N 1980 Italian director Ruggero Deodato introduced moviegoers to a new subgenre of exploitation cinema, in Cannibal Holocaust . Its touchy narrative tip-toed in the domain of snuff films, a scripted tale chronicled to come off as a documentary, a true story in other words. It wasn't, of course, but nonetheless an intriguing discourse that was never really appreciated until 1999's The Blair Witch Project . Although the movie's directors-- Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez --denied Deodato's pioneering effort had any influence on their now-iconic horror film, there's no ignoring its (or 1998's The Last Broadcast ) similar plot structure. Since then we've been exposed to a long line of compatible efforts, fooling (some) audiences into believing that what they are watching is "found footage" from am


Some of the latest happenings in Edmonton (EIFF, EIA, CCMA...) BY EMIL TIEDEMANN " E VERY Night Is Opening Night!" That is the slogan for the 24th annual Edmonton International Film Festival , which will take over Edmonton City Centre mall Friday, September 24 to Saturday, October 2 . The 9-day fest will kick off with Opening Night Film Score: A Hockey Musical (Sept. 24) and will tread on with dozens of other features and shorts from across Canada and abroad to our very own backyard. Another returning favourite will be the 6th annual 24/One Challenge , in which filmmakers will have just one full day to put together their own movie, and the top 10 films will premiere at EIFF on Oct. 2, the final day of the festival. Tickets for EIFF 2010 are available at the Empire Theatres box office in City Centre, or at Tix On the Square . Each individual film (or Short Film Package) will cost $13.75, though there are various multi-show passes to choose from as well, including the all-a

Music Clip of the Month/ 09-10

Christian Hansen & the Autistics' "Cocaine Trade" (2009) BY EMIL TIEDEMANN L AST May SEE magazine published their anticipated " Best of Edmonton " issue, which polls locals to determine everything from our favourite area festivals and local personalities to the best place to get a donair (FYI, Mike's Famous was crowned the latter). Another popular category in the 15th annual readers poll is "Favourite Local Music Act." The top pick this year were indie darlings Shout Out Out Out Out , followed by national alt-rockers Ten Second Epic . And in third was the current "Music Clip of the Month" spectacle, Christian Hansen & the Autistics . I only just heard about the band a few weeks ago, when I interviewed young local actor Mat Simpson , who claimed the last record he bought was Hansen's The Super Awkward Album (2006). A few YouTube videos later, and I was their newest fan. Sonic 's former " Band of the Month "--