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Kids Play Edmonton

We connected with Kimberly of Kids Play to identify with families and bring you something special for you and the kids! BY JARVIS EMERALD H ey, Moms! Here's something just for you. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, mom on maternity leave, a working mom, or a single mom, the common thread is not having enough 'me' time. How would you like to get out of the house with the kids and try something fun?  Kids Play is a programs designed just for you and your child to play together, meet other moms and swap stories while under supervision from Modern Momma's nannies. Kimberley , Community Director, will be guiding the activities and making sure you and your child are trying something that opens new doors for expression and learning. This month, the play station was painting and instead of brushes, a variety of vegetables were provided for the children to choose from. What a neat idea! This allowed for creative thinking with a healthy twist. Support from Kimberle

Profile/ Peter Carroll

Sherwood Park's Peter Carroll captures #yeg and area in all its glory! BY EMIL TIEDEMANN "My home is the land of big sky and rich colours. I am surrounded by nature's beauty," says Montreal-born, Sherwood Park-based landscape and travel photographer Peter Carroll , who is clearly one of the Capital Region's most talented photogs.  Muttart Conservatory The former Canadian Armed Forces helicopter pilot - who flew with 408 Squadron and served on the Canadian mission in Haiti during 1996 - fell in love with photography while on vacation in Italy about a decade ago, wandering the picturesque streets of Venice with his camera. Since then, Carroll has told his story and captured his journey through his lens, specializing in landscape, travel and portrait photography. His work has been represented by Getty Images, Corbis Images, All Canada Photos, FirstLight and other stock agencies. I Heart Edmonton is proud to have his work displayed on our website as wel

Make Something Edmonton

Embracing #yeg winters and chalking Churchill Square were amongst the varied concepts of Make Something Edmonton's host night at Startup Edmonton BY JARVIS EMERALD I nterested in making something? How about we make something together, for the city! I just recently attended a  Startup Edmonton Meetup with Make Something Edmonton as the host, and the topic was our winter.    Chalking Churchill Square The plan is to celebrate winter in Edmonton by making something extraordinary of it. For example, skiing to the LRT , which was a project completed recently by a member of the organization. They placed racks at the stations for locking up your skis. Great idea! Make Something Edmonton shares a passion for the city of Edmonton, being very responsive and supported when it comes to creativity and working together to make it even better. The Meetup was effective and I was impressed by the panel who spoke. Inclusiveness is valued so you can participate in the plan.

rEview/ Residential Schools

Local Cree writer Larry Loyie, himself a residential school survivor, explores the dark history of these institutions that tore Aboriginal families apart and stripped Native youths of their own heritage and culture BY PAULA E. KIRMAN Residential Schools, With the Words and Images of Survivors is by Cree writer Larry Loyie . In it, he documents first person experiences of Indian residential schools to youth and adult readers through both words and images. Loyie, who now lives in Edmonton, is himself a residential school survivor. He attended St. Bernard Mission residential school in Grouard, Alberta and began researching the national history of residential schools in 1993 with his partner, writer/editor Constance Brissenden . The pair travelled for over a decade, interviewing more than 200 survivors and collecting their personal photographs. Their research continued through to the completion of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission gatherings in March of 2014 here

#yeg Video of the Month / January

The Unfortunates' "Brick By Brick" (2014) Video directed by Jason Lucas Produced by Face Down Entertainment Music by The Unfortunates

The NEW I Heart Edmonton!

I Heart Edmonton rings in 2015 with a brand new, all-in-one website BY EMIL TIEDEMANN H ELLO, Edmonton! How have you been? Me? Oh, just great...busy, but great! Anyways, we have some big and exciting news about I Heart Edmonton ! We are launching our very own, full-fledged, all-encompassing, user-friendly website! That means MORE information, MORE event listings, MORE access to what there is to see and do in this amazing city we call home.  Now, that doesn't mean that this blog is going anywhere, nope! It is staying put and will in fact be the website's companion blog. And, in addition to that, we have also partnered up with Gay Edmonton - the all-in-one online resource for Edmonton's LGBTQ community - and are ready to take over the town! Sounds like I'm getting a bit excited, so let me take it down a notch or two. The new I Heart Edmonton website includes upcoming events and festivals on the homepage, as well as the latest blog entries. Are you looking for