The NEW I Heart Edmonton!

I Heart Edmonton rings in 2015 with a brand new, all-in-one website


HELLO, Edmonton! How have you been? Me? Oh, just great...busy, but great! Anyways, we have some big and exciting news about I Heart Edmonton! We are launching our very own, full-fledged, all-encompassing, user-friendly website! That means MORE information, MORE event listings, MORE access to what there is to see and do in this amazing city we call home. 

Now, that doesn't mean that this blog is going anywhere, nope! It is staying put and will in fact be the website's companion blog. And, in addition to that, we have also partnered up with Gay Edmonton - the all-in-one online resource for Edmonton's LGBTQ community - and are ready to take over the town! Sounds like I'm getting a bit excited, so let me take it down a notch or two.

The new I Heart Edmonton website includes upcoming events and festivals on the homepage, as well as the latest blog entries. Are you looking for a local Asian restaurant or some place in town to dance the night away? Maybe you're moving to the city and need a place to direct you to the right housing agency, or post secondary school, or even the nearest library. We do that now, and we're happy to help you find just what you need!

Our listings of local restaurants, pubs, clubs, cafes, schools, libraries, rec centres, government agencies, charitable organizations, shopping centres, and so much more is there to help guide you to whatever you might need in the city of Edmonton. Please feel free to let us know if you have a new place or group you would like us to add to one of our categories (although not all entries can be added), or if you notice we have not updated the details of a local business or organization.

But we're also about the people of Edmonton, which is why we will continue to interview and profile the most interesting and established Edmontonians out there. That is also why we started the Edmontonian of the Month page, which will showcase one amazing local doing his or her best to make Edmonton the best city in the world to live in! And trust me, there is no shortage of great locals.

So we hope that after five and a half years of sharing with you the best there is to see and do in Edmonton, you will continue on this journey with us! Please feel free to send us any updates, suggestions, errors, photos, stories or ideas, and we'd love if you would be interested in joining the team as a contributor.

I Heart Edmonton will continue to profile, promote and praise the city we've come to love, and now with this brand new website, we are able to do so on a grander scale. Please come back again and help spread the word. Cheers!

Emil Tiedemann,
I Heart Edmonton


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