Make Something Edmonton

Embracing #yeg winters and chalking Churchill Square were amongst the varied concepts of Make Something Edmonton's host night at Startup Edmonton


Interested in making something? How about we make something together, for the city! I just recently attended a  Startup Edmonton Meetup with Make Something Edmonton as the host, and the topic was our winter. 
Chalking Churchill Square

The plan is to celebrate winter in Edmonton by making something extraordinary of it. For example, skiing to the LRT, which was a project completed recently by a member of the organization. They placed racks at the stations for locking up your skis. Great idea!

Make Something Edmonton shares a passion for the city of Edmonton, being very responsive and supported when it comes to creativity and working together to make it even better. The Meetup was effective and I was impressed by the panel who spoke. Inclusiveness is valued so you can participate in the plan. 
Make Something Edmonton!

In fact, I submitted an idea to chalk Churchill Square as a yearly summer event. Take a look at it. It’s in the beginning stages, but I could use your participation and support. I hope you become familiar with Make Something Edmonton and join me in making this the best city to live in. 


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