Kids Play Edmonton

We connected with Kimberly of Kids Play to identify with families and bring you something special for you and the kids!


Hey, Moms! Here's something just for you. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, mom on maternity leave, a working mom, or a single mom, the common thread is not having enough 'me' time. How would you like to get out of the house with the kids and try something fun? 

Kids Play is a programs designed just for you and your child to play together, meet other moms and swap stories while under supervision from Modern Momma's nannies. Kimberley, Community Director, will be guiding the activities and making sure you and your child are trying something that opens new doors for expression and learning.

This month, the play station was painting and instead of brushes, a variety of vegetables were provided for the children to choose from. What a neat idea! This allowed for creative thinking with a healthy twist. Support from Kimberley was not that far, so you have time to meet with other moms and share stories. Maybe even start a new friendship!

Speaking of twist, Rachelle, owner of Momentum Health and Wellness, a certified CSEP Exercise Physiologist and Pre/ Postnatal Fitness Specialist, will be leading you in a variety of exercises that you can do with your children. Instead of going to the gym next time, have fun moving around with your little one(s) while Rachelle gives you tips on how to work out with them in creative ways both here and at home.

It looked like everyone who attended this month was enjoying the workout. I was told that up to 80 children with parents have been known to show up at these classes. We are thankful there are people like Kimberly and Rachelle who are willing to champion this cause for you, moms, who need a little more 'me' time. 

If you would like to know a bit more about the classes or have any questions, feel free to give Kimberly a call at 780.996.6289 or visit the website. Classes are held on the last Wednesday of each month (9-11AM) at Kingsway Mall. Just another reason to heart Edmonton!

For other local events like Kids Play, you can also visit Deanne Ferguson at Box Social Event Planning!


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