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E/view: Condemed to Repeat: A Randy Craig Mystery

Local author Janice MacDonald uses her hometown as the backdrop for the fifth installment in her anticipated "Randy" Craig mystery series, Condemned to Repeat.

By Paula E. Kirman

Condemned to Repeat is the fifth in the series of mystery novels centering around Miranda “Randy” Craig, an academic, writer, and researcher in search of the elusive tenure track position. However, she manages to land a plum contract doing archival research and web development for Rutherford House, an historic Alberta landmark. However, it does not take very long for Randy to stumble upon an unsolved mystery linked to the building, which leads her to become entwined in a path of death and intrigue. 

As someone who is admittedly not a huge fan of mystery novels, for me the true strength of the book lay in its main character. It was easy to become emotionally invested in a strong, well-developed, intelligent woman who uses her brains and talent to figure things out. There are no super human ab…

A Few Minutes With...Dana Giesbrecht

Winnipeg alumni Dana Giesbrecht came this close to pursuing a career in medicine, but fortunately for us--not so much for countless sick folks--she stuck with the TV industry and has since graced Edmonton with her natural charm and million-dollar smile!


"I FELL forwards onto my boobs and was like a centimetre away from chipping my teeth on the ice," admitted Go! Edmonton host Dana Giesbrecht, when I asked her about awkward on-air moments. "I just rolled with it." I'm not at all saying that that sums up Dana in a nutshell, but her general authenticity and subtle self-deprecation were on full display when she laughed about that blunder and other such mishaps during her career as one of the most genuine TV folks I've ever met.

Those sorta attributes seem to be hard to come by for those in so public a career, but Dana has made them a part of her pubic persona, which is one of the reasons why I--and I'm sure many others--tune into Go! Edmonton