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E/view: Condemed to Repeat: A Randy Craig Mystery

Local author Janice MacDonald uses her hometown as the backdrop for the fifth installment in her anticipated "Randy" Craig mystery series, Condemned to Repeat . By Paula E. Kirman Janice MacDonald's 'Condemned to Repeat.' Condemned to Repeat is the fifth in the series of mystery novels centering around Miranda “Randy” Craig , an academic, writer, and researcher in search of the elusive tenure track position. However, she manages to land a plum contract doing archival research and web development for Rutherford House , an historic Alberta landmark. However, it does not take very long for Randy to stumble upon an unsolved mystery linked to the building, which leads her to become entwined in a path of death and intrigue.  As someone who is admittedly not a huge fan of mystery novels, for me the true strength of the book lay in its main character. It was easy to become emotionally invested in a strong, well-developed, intelligent woman who uses