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A Few Minutes With...Michael Bernard Fitzgerald

Before the one, the only MBF put on a stellar-as-usual showcase of how to do music right, the mellow musician gave us a look-see into the backstages of his daily life...past, present 'n future...


I MAY have been shaking my head, but I still had a smirk on my face when some chick ran up on stage at the Starlite Room when MBF (that's Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, for those of you who unfortunately don't know) broke into his earnest take on Bruce Springsteen's classic "Dancing in the Dark." Somebody had to do it, I guess. MBF took it in stride though, insisting the girl share a kiss with his newly-single drummer Andrew Ball. Lucky her.

That's the sorta shit-nizzle I've come to expect out of an MBF show, and at this point I'd consider myself a veteran. An MBF journeyman perhaps, soliciting his melodic sounds to my friends and acquaintances alike, all of whom seem to have an immediate adoration for this singer-songwriter from...*clears th…