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A Few Minutes With...Michael Bernard Fitzgerald

Before the one, the only MBF put on a stellar-as-usual showcase of how to do music right, the mellow musician gave us a look-see into the backstages of his daily life...past, present 'n future... BY EMIL TIEDEMANN Myself (far left) with MBF and my cohorts Lonnie & Samantha! I MAY have been shaking my head, but I still had a smirk on my face when some chick ran up on stage at the Starlite Room when MBF (that's Michael Bernard Fitzgerald , for those of you who unfortunately don't know) broke into his earnest take on Bruce Springsteen 's classic " Dancing in the Dark ." Somebody had to do it, I guess. MBF took it in stride though, insisting the girl share a kiss with his newly-single drummer Andrew Ball . Lucky her. That's the sorta shit-nizzle I've come to expect out of an MBF show, and at this point I'd consider myself a veteran. An MBF journeyman perhaps, soliciting his melodic sounds to my friends and acquaintances alike, all of wh