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11 Reasons to Look Forward to Winter in Edmonton

Edmonton has learned to embrace its winter months with arms wide open!

by emil tiedemann

WE tend to panic just a little bit as soon as October hits Edmonton, because we are all aware that that means we're headed into the season of scraping ice off of our windshields as we let our vehicles warm up. 

All we can think of is cold and snowy conditions, even though that's not always the case for those winter months. Sometimes we get lucky, and our Edmonton winter is mild compared to previous seasons, such as last winter's unseasonably warm temperatures.

However, no matter the conditions, there are those folks who just HATE winter in Edmonton! And it's for those people that I wanted to put together a list of reasons why they should actually look forward to these upcoming months. There's always a silver lining, after all. 

So, without further ado, here are 11 reasons to look forward to winter (and the months preceding it) in Edmonton...

1. No more road construction!

What's w…

What's Your Edo Noodlefull Bowl Personality?!

Match your personality with any of Edo's Top 5 favourite Noodlefull Bowl selections, here for a limited time!

by emil tiedemann

WHEN you're on a daily work schedule five days a week, everything else in your life can easily become just as routine, including what and where you eat.Why not throw a wrench in your daily regimen and trysomethingdifferent for a change!

Edo’s Noodlefull Bowl consists of ramen style noodles, premium veggies, the choice of chicken or beef, and is topped with Edo’s signature teriyaki sauce.

The premium vegetable mix consists of snow peas, broccoli, and thick cuts of red pepper and carrot. However, customers can also choose a no meat option and get a second serving of the premium vegetables instead. For protein lovers, there is an option to add shrimp, or double the meat serving of chicken or beef. For some added spice, customers can also add Edo’s complimentary chili sauce to their bowl.

Now that we have the basics out of the way, it's time to cu…

#yeg Video of the Month / Oct. '16

We Were Friends' "Down on Me" (2016) (Directed by Ken Nemetcheck)