What's Your Edo Noodlefull Bowl Personality?!

Match your personality with any of Edo's Top 5 favourite Noodlefull Bowl selections, here for a limited time!

by emil tiedemann

WHEN you're on a daily work schedule five days a week, everything else in your life can easily become just as routine, including what and where you eat. Why not throw a wrench in your daily regimen and try something different for a change!

Edo’s Noodlefull Bowl consists of ramen style noodles, premium veggies, the choice of chicken or beef, and is topped with Edo’s signature teriyaki sauce.

The premium vegetable mix consists of snow peas, broccoli, and thick cuts of red pepper and carrot. However, customers can also choose a no meat option and get a second serving of the premium vegetables instead. For protein lovers, there is an option to add shrimp, or double the meat serving of chicken or beef. For some added spice, customers can also add Edo’s complimentary chili sauce to their bowl.

Now that we have the basics out of the way, it's time to customize your Noodlefull Bowl to match your own personality. Here are five options for just that...which one are you?!

The Classic
If you know what you like and you like what you know, you can always stick to your guns with a traditional Noodlefull Bowl. Perfect for anyone who appreciates a true classic, top your bowl of ramen style noodles and premium vegetables with your choice of chicken or beef and a spoonful of Edo’s signature teriyaki sauce. Don’t worry, it’s okay to colour inside the lines.

Is your personality ‘muy caliente’? For those with a bit of kick to their attitude, a splash (or three) of Edo’s complimentary spicy chili sauce is the way to go. Be true to yourself by bringing the heat and delight your taste buds with this spicy twist on your Noodlefull Bowl. 

Green Queen
Do you love connecting with the great outdoors? Is your true place in the world on the top of a mountain munching on granola? Nature lovers and health nuts alike can keep it green with a double dose of veggies. For all the herbivores out there, the trick to making the most of your Noodlefull Bowl is replacing your meat option with an extra serving of premium vegetables. 

Sauce Boss
If the first thing you put on in the morning are your sassy pants, and your friends would describe you as playful, fun and a wee bit saucy, an extra scoop of Edo’s famous teriyaki sauce could be just the thing for you. Push the boundaries of tasty and you’ll find yourself falling for this version of the super saucy, extra sassy Noodlefull Bowl.

Monkey Sea, Monkey Do
For those who enjoy the playful side of life and are defined by a long list of endearing quirks, there’s a way to throw something a little different into the mix when it comes to selecting a Noodlefull Bowl as different as your personality. Ante up with a boatload of flavourful shrimp and sail off into the sunset with the bowl of your dreams. 

Found your match? Head to your nearest Edo Japan and put it to the taste test!


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