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50 Best "Scary" Movies of the 21st Century

With Halloween around the corner, here's some movies that'll help get you in the mood! By Emil Tiedemann It's that time of the year again, when pumpkins get carved into shitty hockey logos, kids go out in culturally appropriate costumes and beg for candy from complete strangers, and when their parents dress up as zombies and roam the night streets looking for fresh brains. Yep, it's Halloween time, folks! 28 Days Later (2002). I've always loved Halloween, but then again what kid doesn't! Even as an adult there's always been something about this time of year that makes me giddy. It's the well-thought-out costumes, the tacky decorations, the haunted houses, and all the chocolate your frail heart can handle. My favourite part of Halloween, however, has to be the scary movies that come out in theatres and fill up TV schedules as soon as summer comes to an end.  It doesn't exactly make much sense when you think about it but most of us seem t