Reason #82 of '101 Reasons Why I Heart Edmonton'

Whyte Avenue

By Emil Tiedemann

If you’re from outta town, it’s a place most Edmontonians will insist you check out before the end of your visit. And they’d be doing you a favour, because Whyte Avenue is “the place to be” if what you’re looking for is good food and drinks, antiques and boutiques, or just some place where you can get your dance on! 
Stunning Whyte Avenue (82nd Ave.). Photo by Chan Rin.

Throw in some high profile annual events such as the Edmonton Pride Parade, Ice on Whyte, Art Walk, and the iconic Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival, and you’ll understand why Whyte is a must when you’re new to town. 

“The neighbourhood is lively and vibrant and there really is something for everyone,” said Sydney McNeill, office manager for the Old Strathcona Business Association. “Whether I’m seeking out a quick coffee, fresh ingredients for a home-cooked meal, some live local music accompanied by an obscure beer, an addition to my wardrobe, an afternoon workout, or a delicious meal, I can and do find it here. As well, there is this positive energy and sense of community present that makes every experience a personal one.” 
The historic Princess Theatre is just one of countless Whyte Avenue highlights.

Named after Scottish railway executive Sir William Whyte in 1891, the strip (namely from 99th to 109th Streets) is chalked full of cool little spots perfect for a Sunday morning stroll or a Saturday night pub crawl, and it’s only getting better as we speak, as plans for future development and encouragement of artistic creativity on everything from alleyways to the aligning elm trees entice locals and tourists alike. #whyteave


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