Did You Know? (Boston Pizza)

ALTHOUGH the name may lead you to believe otherwise, the Canadian staple of Boston Pizza was conceived right here in the city of Edmonton. Greek immigrant Gus Agioritis opened the doors to Boston Pizza & Spaghetti House back in 1964, with almost no experience in the restaurant business, but by 1970 there were 17 BP locations (15 franchised) in Western Canada.

In 1968 RCMP officer Jim Treliving (of Dragon's Den) established the first Boston Pizza franchise, in Penticton, B.C. Along with partner George Melville, Treliving was instrumental in the rise of the pizza (etc.) chain, which now has over 370 restaurants throughout North America (known as Boston's The Gourmet Pizza in the U.S.), including two in Mexico. There are currently 22 BP locations in Edmonton alone.


  1. Does anyone know where the frist location was located in Edmonoton? Is it still a operating as a BP's?

  2. The first location opened up 45 years ago, known as the Boston Pizza & Spaghetti House, but that location is no longer operating.

  3. Where was this original Boston Pizza and Spaghetti House? Was it downstairs in a place at the south end of the High Level Bridge on the east side of the street? I used to frequent a pizza place at that location in 1964 and am wondering if it was the original by Gus Agiroitis.

  4. Unfortunately, there's almost no information available online about the very first Boston Pizza, which is hard to understand, considering that it's such a popular business amongst Canadians. But if I come across the answer to your question, I'll surely let you know!

  5. First Boston Pizza was in Beverly Heights on 46 Street and 118 Avenue. Used to go there all the time!

    1. Do you remember what side of the street it was on per chance? My friend and I are long time north end boys and doing some reminiscing and wondering exactly where the restaurant was located?? Thanks for your help!!! You can email me back at stikyman@live.com Cheers

  6. considering i worked at a boston pizza for 15 years i was always told the very first boston pizza (hence we were always known as shop #1)the location was on 118th ave however closer to 122-123 st...when the company became franchised our location number one moved down the ave on 118th to 12225 118th ave-in apx 2005 when the new boston pizza at westmount opened the previous location on 122nd st and 118th was sold to the owners brother in law and now currently runs as a royal pizza franchise:)

  7. The first location was on 118 ave West of 124st on the North Side of 118 ave.
    Although the exterior took on the Boston Pizza look in later years, the
    interior was a very traditional pizza looking establishment! The ovens were
    up front as you walked in the door, and you went through a flower decorated
    trellis to get to the tables located in the back. The table clothes were checkered, and ( if I remember correctly ) there were candles mounted in wine
    My wife and I became engaged in this establishment some 47 years ago! Dave A.


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