Ed Spot #3: The Book Outlet

Discount book store offers something that others don't!


Tucked away just off Jasper Ave. and 103 St. is an alternative to the convenient Wee Book Inn's that are scattered throughout town, called The Book Outlet. There's no adult-only section, or an assortment of CDs, DVDs or magazines, or even one of those long-haired cats roaming the aisles, but the Outlet does offer something that Wee Book's don't, and that's a decent choice of titles in near-perfect condition, at lower prices!

According to the friendly gentleman behind the counter, testing his Solitaire skills on the computer, the books that they recieve on a daily basis are immediately discounted by at least 50% from the cover price, and many are lowered even further, to as low as a single loonie! They are able to do so because these are titles unsold by major chain outlets like Chapters and Coles Books. These "remainders" and "returns" are purchased at low costs in order to "pass the savings on to the customer."

Originally situated in West Edmonton Mall (next to Sears), The Book Outlet carries thousands of old and new titles, sorted by applicable categories, with daily in-store specials and the option to order in some literature that isn't currently available on the racks. Hours are dependent on foot traffic of the shop, which has been in operation downtown for about a year and a half now. But, if you do decide to check out the humble Outlet, make sure to bring cash...there's no debit machines. Happy reading!

The Rundown:
Location: 10055-103 St. NW
Phone: 780-761-1300
Hours: 10AM-7PM (Mon.-Sat.)/ 12PM-5PM (Sun.)


  1. Will have to check this place out.

  2. Yeah, I was pretty impressed with the prices, the shape of the books, and the selection. No offence to Wee Book, but a lot of their books are in rough shape and are over-priced.

  3. Wee Book is so overpriced, I would just buy from Chapters.

  4. Yeah, Chapters has such a huge selection of discount books themselves (all brand new), at prices cheaper than Wee Book, so why bother going to Week Book? They need to lower their prices. In fact, I heard that all the Wee Book's closed down in Calgary, but I'm not sure how true that is.


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