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Review/ Church Street...Where Hope Grows

The historic and iconic Church Street is commemorated in a new book of personal stories, poetry, and photographs by paula e. kirman C HURCH Street is a section of the McCauley inner city neighbourhood on 96 Street between 111 Avenue and 107 Avenue. It is so named because of the large concentration of churches along the street. It's also an area near and dear to my heart for two reasons: I edit a community newspaper in that area ( Boyle McCauley News ) and am a director of the Friends of Church Street Society , which seeks to preserve and promote the historical nature of the area. This unique section of Edmonton also caught the attention of writer Patricia Travers and photographer Sandra Franzoi . Church Street . . . Where Hope Grows is a collaborative effort featuring stunning photographs of the churches, particularly their architecture and icons, as well as portraits and words from people in the area. The latter represent a slice of life from the a