Every month, I Heart Edmonton would scour the net to find video clips from local musicians, big or small, to show off our homegrown musical talents. We called it "Music Clip of the Month," and listed below is every video clip we've featured so far. Please feel free to send us any of your recommendations, in case we bring this feature back!

- "Superficial Love" by Ruth B. 
(June 2017)

- "Dreamers" by The Royal Foundry 
(February 2017)

- "Living the Dream" by The Young 
(November 2016)

- "Down on Me" by We Were Friends 
(October 2016)

- "No Fun" by Jesse & the Dandelions 
(September 2016)
Jesse Northey (of Jesse and the Dandelions)

- "Addicted" by Samantha Martin 
(August 2016)

- "Digital Age - Chapter 1" by Daniela Andrade 
(July 2016)

- "Love's Still Calling" by Josh Williams 
(April 2016)

- "Lost Boy" by Ruth B 
(March 2016)

- "Infatuation" by Savage Playground 
(February 2016)
Savage Playground
Sound of Edmonton by Evan van Ramshorst 
(January 2016)

"Misty" by Stevie Raikou 
(December 2015)

"Sleep On It" by Retrofile 
(October 2015)

"Perfect Shade of Blue" by Braden Gates 
(September 2015)

"Good Times" by Bryan Finlay 
(August 2015)

Bryan Finlay

"Nightlife" by The Wet Secrets 
(July 2015)

"Hallelujah" (live) by k.d. lang 
(June 2015)

"My Kind of Woman" by Mac DeMarco 
(May 2015)

"Into the Night - Pt.1" by Revenge of the Trees 
(April 2015)

"One Last Time" by White Lightning 
(March 2015) 

Mac DeMarco

"Made In Gold" by Nova Rockafeller 
(February 2015)

"Brick By Brick" by The Unfortunates 
(January 2015)

"Please Don't Do That" by Christian Hansen 
(December 2013)

"Happy Love Song" by Colleen Brown 
(November 2013)

"Dig Gravedigger Dig" by Corb Lund 
(November 2012)

Colleen Brown

"New Earth" by Zerbin 
(June 2012)

"Simple Taste" by Sara Isabel 
(May 2012)

"Shades of White" by Mars & Venus 
(March 2012)

"Baby Blue Eyes" by Colleen Brown 
(February 2012)

Mars & Venus

"Close the Night" by Sister Gray 
(May 2011)

"Champion Song" by Cousin 
(April 2011)

"Twenty-Something" by The Weekend Kids 
(February 2011)

"Teen Commandements" by Old Wives 
(January 2011)

The Weekend Kids

"I Don't Need (Your Bentley's)" by Colin Close 
(December 2010)

"Not Alone" by Tupelo Honey 
(November 2010)

"Dust in Gravity" by Kreesha Turner & Delerium 
(October 2010)

"Cocaine Trade" by Christian Hansen & the Autistics 
(September 2010)

Kreesha Turner

"Ghost In My Head" by Jill Hennessy 
(August 2010)

"Butterflies" by Stereos 
(July 2010)

"Crying" by k.d. lang & Roy Orbison 
(June 2010)

"Welcome to the Heart" by Eamon McGrath 
(May 2010)

Jill Hennessy

"This Is It" by The Wheat Pool 
(April 2010)

"You're Cool" by The Joe 
(March 2010)

"Edmonton" by The Rural Alberta Advantage 
(February 2010)

"Ask Me No Questions" by Wendy McNeill 
(January 2010)

The Joe

"This Is My Prairie" by Corb Lund 
(December 2009)

"O Canada" by Edmonton Oilers fans 
(November 2009)

"Real Estate" by Cadence Weapon 
(October 2009)

"The Last Saskatchewan Pirate" by Captain Tractor 
(September 2009)

Corb Lund

Another awesome thing we like to do at I Heart Edmonton is discover locals' "Deserted Island Collection"! In other words, what 5 albums, 5 movies, and 5 books would they want with them if they were stranded alone on a deserted island. Granted, this is assuming the island has electricity, a DVD player, and a CD player!

-Christian Hansen (July 2012)

Christian Hansen

-Emil Tiedemann (April 2010)

Me (Emil Tiedemann)

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