Music Clip of the Month/ 5-11

Sister Gray's "Close the Night" (2010)


I SWEAR we're not just ripping off Sonic's Band of the Month...really! Yes, this clip just happens to be filmed at Sonic 102.9's studio, and by Sonic 102.9's own staff, and featuring Sonic 102.9's February 2011 BOTM (Band of the Month) Sister Gray, but that's all simply a coincidence! For the most part.

Sisters Jenesse and Brittany Graling are Sister Gray, said to
have a sound that blends Muse, Metric, and Joan Jett
Okay, I confess: some of our Music Clips of the Month were easily inspired by former Sonic BandsOTM (i.e. The Weekend Kids, Christian Hansen & The Autistics), but what else can I say except that Sonic features some good local shit?! Case in point, Sister Gray.

"It's been six years, but it's taken us this long to have a female-fronted Band of the Month," said Rick Lee, the Sonic on-air personality who also happened to direct and edit the clip below. "Congratulations," he continued. That's a pretty long time to wait, which at least warrants some credibility to Sister Gray's quality of homegrown music.

Sisters Jenesse and Brittany Graling--"slightly crazed, neurotic female musicians surging with angst and inspiration"--grew up in Millet, Alberta, about 40km south of Edmonton, where they started playing music together more than a decade ago. They uprooted to our city and graduated from Grant MacEwan's music program, before forming Sister Gray in '07, eventually completing the line-up with bassist Ajay Paterson, guitarist Mike Morrisseau, and drummer Kurtis Schultz.

Last year Sister Gray launched their premiere EP, Close the Night, on their own label, fusing pop-rock and adult alternative singer-songwriterish charms pulled from the influences of Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell, Elton John, Bush, Sam Roberts, and other alike alum. The 5-song set, which you can purchase or listen to here, features the title track, which also happens to be our May 2011 Music Clip of the Month.

You can also follow the band on Facebook.

Below is an live version of Sister Gray's "Close the Night," filmed at the studios of Sonic 102.9 back in February 2011.


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