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Edmonton vs. Calgary: The Battle of Alberta

We may be cut from the same cloth, but there's nothing wrong with a little sibling rivalry By Emil Tiedemann The "Battle of Alberta" has been around for as long as Alberta has been, back when they had to figure out which city would become the provincial capital and which would host the University of Alberta. Edmonton eventually came out on top in both facets, but even before that there's been a rivalry between our two cities' various sports teams dating all the way back to the 19th century.  The "Battle of Alberta" has been going on for more than a century now. Even today, that intrinsic rivalry between Edmonton and Calgary remains, whether it's over economic durability, athletic achievement, or simply which city has the tallest tower. It's silly, I know, but I think there can be benefits in some friendly competition. I mean, we're cut from the same cloth and we're there for each other when it comes down to it, but what's w

50 Ways to Improve Downtown Edmonton

What can we do to make downtown Edmonton the best it can be? By Emil Tiedemann           If you build it, they will come! Everything's easier said than done and although some of these big ideas and preposterous proposals listed below are rather obvious, others are pretty radical to say the least, so please take this somewhat ambitious list with a grain of salt. But with that said, I wanted to share with you some of the concepts I would LOVE to see implemented in or applied to our city's core to inspire further economic growth, improve diversity and vibrancy, stimulate tourism, and encourage more people to move there.            Downtown is supposed to be every town's central hub and ours is admittedly getting better and better at a rapid pace, with recent additions like LRT expansion, bike lanes, the funicular, the new Royal Alberta Museum, the under-construction Stanley A. Milner Library, and of course Ice District! But why not aim for the sky