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Colleen Brown's "Happy Love Song" (2011)


IT just happened to be a coincidence that I should stumble upon this music video featuring Mayor Don Iveson, just days after he won the October 21st election. Of course, he was still a City Councillor when the video for Edmonton-based Colleen Brown's "Happy Love Song" was made (August 2011). 

Singer-songwriter Colleen Brown has performed at the Edmonton Folk Festival and
won the Alberta Emerging Artist Award in 2008. 

"I had a lot of fun playing a bit role in the collaboration between ETS and Colleen Brown," Iveson wrote in his personal blog. "That bus was literally bouncing, and the acoustics were surprisingly good. Wonderful Edmonton talent on display."

The video was also produced to help promote the new-&-improved ETS Trip Planner, and was filmed almost entirely aboard a moving city bus.  

"Happy Love Song" was featured on Brown's third album, 2011's Dirt. Watch the video below; and we've also posted the "Behind the Scenes" clip showing how the video was made. 

Colleen Brown's "Happy Love Song" (2011).

Behind the Scenes of "Happy Love Song."


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