The Edmontonian Redefines the City Skyline

Although we're far off from competing with the intimidating skylines of Toronto and New York, Edmonton's own cityscape is seeking a new look, thanks much in part to a proposed high rise that would dominate the downtown


The proposed Edmontonian tower would be the tallest
building in Western Canada, and second in the country.
IF you take the spires and flagpoles into account, the 2-year-old Epcor Tower (10180-101 Street) is currently the tallest building in Edmonton, rising 149.3 metres (490 feet) above the city streets. That's only three metres (11 feet) higher than Manulife Place, which reigned supreme since it was completed in 1983. 

The 28-floor Epcor Tower is also Edmonton's first downtown high rise in 22 years! I recently went atop the Tower to snap some photos of Edmonton's downtown skyline, and was impressed with the unique vantage point. 

But, if all goes as planned, the view will be peanuts compared to what's on the way. And we don't have to wait another 22 years!

The newly proposed, 71-storey Edmontonian tower would dominate our city's downtown skies, towering over all other high rises at 278 metres. The Edmontonian, expected to take over 10525-101 Street, would not only be the tallest structure in Western Canada, but the second tallest in the whole country, 20 metres shy of Toronto's First Canadian Place.

It would also soar above Calgary's Bow Tower at 236 metres, though our neighbours to the south are currently planning on a 247-metre tower set to open in 2018. 

The Edmontonian would dwarf all other Edmonton high rises, at 71 storeys (278 metres).
Sherwood Park architect Terry Hartwig has offered renderings of what the Edmontonian will look like.

The Edmontonian is in the very early planning stages right now, as Sherwood Park architect Terry Hartwig (Hartwig Architecture) offers renderings of what the tower would look like. According to Hartwig these mammoth projects "could be a trend," since the closure of the City Centre Airport was officially confirmed. 

Hartwig also admitted that the downtown arena district proposal also stimulates these types of hefty enterprises. 

The Edmontonian is set to offer office space in addition to 296 condo units and a 270-room, five-star hotel. Initially, the conception called for 40 storeys, but that was expanded with the elimination of height constraints. 

This is a very exciting time for our city's downtown, so expect more stories like this in the near future. 

A view from the Epcor Tower, currently the tallest structure in Edmonton, at 149.3 metres.


  1. amazing!! so great to see our city dreaming big again! even if this doesn't happen it means people are seriously considering things of this magnitude. win win for all edmontonians

  2. It's good to hear a positive viewpoint, considering how many negative ones I've heard about the Edmontonian. I agree totally!


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