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Sara Isabel's "Simple Taste" (2012)


"IN 2008 I was in China teaching English, living in an apartment building with a bunch of other teachers from Canada, the U.S., etc.," said local singer-songwriter Sara Isabel, when I Heart Edmonton asked her about how she stumbled into the music industry.
Edmonton's Sara Isabel performs May 2nd at Holliganz Pub
and on May 5th at the Thrival Festival in Gazebo Park. 

"It was a big 'finding myself' time. One day I woke up hungover, found myself sitting on the kitchen floor with somebody's borrowed guitar in the corner and I was like, 'I have something to say, and I better fucking say it or I'm gonna explode.'"

Since then Isabel has carved out her own little niche in Edmonton's busy music scene, blending an acoustic charm with sometimes-gritty blues-rock for a sound that stems from a variety of influences.

"I remember coming home from elementary school for lunch, and my best friend and I would sing along to [Alanis Morissette's] Jagged Little Pill," Isabel confesses. "That album really affected me. All that CanCon rock in the '90s too. As for recent stuff I am big into classical music from the public library."

"[Simple Taste] sums up how I feel at this time in my life: love, happiness, feeling good. I hope it makes people smile."

It's that musical fusion that's taken Isabel from strumming someone else's guitar on a kitchen floor in China to coming home and putting pen to paper, telling her own stories of love & loss, and everything in between. Last year she recorded her applauded debut single, "Simple Taste," at Two Bodies of Water Productions in Edmonton, and recently shot a video for the song at the Haven Social Club.

The clip (see below), which was sponsored by a grant from the Edmonton Arts Council, was directed by Mike Robertson, who also recently helmed fellow Edmontonian Mitchmatic's "Why Don't You Know?"

Isabel will be part of tomorrow (May 2) night's "Local Lilith Fair" show at Hooliganz Pub (10704-124 St./ 780-995-7110), starting at 9PM. The free event will also feature Naomi Carmack, Jessica Denise, Jadie Hunt, Kinni Sandhar, and Lin Seller.

Below is the official clip for Sara Isabel's "Simple Taste" (2012).


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