New Arena Video Proposal Arrives

Architectural group in charge of arena design teases Edmontonians with clip of prospects for a final draft


A projected image of what the new downtown
arena may look like.
UNLESS you've been away on a safari or in a coma for the last couple years, you've most likely heard about the downtown arena debate. Maybe you don't give a rat's ass, but I'm sure you're at least somewhat in the know. Well now, whether you care or not, we're all a little more aware, with the release of a video last week (May 16) that finally gives us an idea as to what the controversial project may actually look like.

360 Architecture, the firm behind the design of the new downtown arena, revealed to City Council their exterior and interior images of what the $450 million structure may end up looking like, via a digital "fly-through" video of the district.

"The shape of the building has taken on abstractly the shape of an oil drop, we were also inspired by a lot of the snow drifts," admits Scott Ralston, the project's architect. But nothing is set in stone as of yet, especially with the looming issue of a $100 million shortfall for the pricey world-class arena. Nonetheless, it looks like we're one step closer to our arena.


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